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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daniel Dociu Concept Art Workshop in Seattle Jan 2009

Daniel Dociu Concept Art Workshop in Seattle Jan 2009
Between Jan 19th and March 27th (tentative dates), he'll be teaching an evening class at Digipen as part of their Continuing Education program. It'll be a one night a week for ten weeks hands-on course, three hours per session.

FYI: Daniel taught me most of what I know about concept art and anything in that nature in the past 4-5 years at least. He's also my boss and mentor. Just to be around the master, it's an extrodinary gift and extremely fortunate situation.

Good news for you guys around Seattle area. If you are interested please contact: daniel@arena.net

Here are some of his concept work:

copyright Daniel Dociu

View more of his work and goodies
His website:

Tuition, as proposed by the Digipen organizers, would be $ 998.- for a class of eight students, any additional students will result in LOWERING the fee.

Good news for you guys around Seattle area. If you are interested please contact: daniel@arena.net

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dahaca6022 said...

That's nothing!Xia can draw it all!(hey it rhymed!)Thousand times better!But it would be good to see.

XIA said...

dahaca6022> Bro! I am sure you are just kidding. thx...honestly I can't. :) Daniel taught me most of what I know in the past 4-5 years at least. He's also my boss and mentor. And no,...it would still take me decades or more to be able to do what he does. I just hope that someday I could have just 1/10 of his skill. :)

If anyone of you have a chance, I highly recommended to go see how he works and take the awesome workshop.


Luca said...

Xia I'd really like to go.... unfortunately I'm from Malta (europe) - quite far right!

Listen bro... I also like and really admire Daniel. His work is amazing, in fact last week I communicated with him. My favourite one is his "Dragon Alley" (that's what we talked about!). Is it possible that he makes some video process like yours of some concept piece or share with us some good tips? I would really appreciate since I'm one of his greatest fans and unfortunately I can't come to his seminar :(
You should know by now how willing I am to learn! Thanks bro!


pokepetter said...

If you want a little more insight in Daniel Dociu's process, take a look (If you haven't already):


He's also got some tutorials in some magazines.

Chris said...

I think it's hard to find someone who doesn't like his work. Shame I'm in old Blighty..

Oldboy said...

Wow... Really happy I found this site! Hopefully they let Digipen freshmen take the classes, I know they don't let me in the life drawing sessions Arenanet holds at the school lol.

Really looking forward to watching the Environmental Concept sketch tutorials on my free time!

XIA said...

Oldboy> Thanks brother, I am glad this blog can help you and others. :) That's what we here for.

As for Daniel workshop, you can e-mail him, I think anyone can enroll, no matter skill level. It's a workshop, not a prerequisite class. Though I believe it will blow your mind and better than any real class. Just watch him work alone will help you a lot.

Luca said...

Is there any chance that Daniel makes a video process like yours someday??? I REALLY wish I lived in Seattle! :( If you can ask him to post some tutorials I'll be very glad. By the way I've got "D'artiste digital painting 2" but you know a video is always a video! ;) Send him my regards for the tutorials on this book!

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