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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Online Manga comics, Kapow Express page 22

Online Manga comics, Kapow Express page 22. Finally, the final page of chater 1.
Poor Mei didn't even get to use the sword.
Kapow Express update!
Page #22
heaven sword, kung fu comics, storm rider, preying mantis, kapow express

-Online Manga Kapow Express page #021
Or For page 1-21 visit Online Manga kapowexpress.com

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Luca said...

This is awesome brother! ...that Manchu Dog is looking very serious in the 5th panel! well done also for the final effect! I have noticed the "KaPow" sound effect, does it has to do with the name of the manga?

Well done brother!


Anonymous said...

hello i love your art so much and i need to know what you do for a living eg. graphic desighner ?


XIA said...

Luca> Thanks, Kapow? Um...I just insert it there once in a while just for fun. But now that you notice...maybe I should do something special. :)

Ano> Thank you for your kind words. I am no Graphic Designer, though I wish I am a GD or Photographer, Kung Fu Master, and many things. I am just a concept artist for Video Game. :)

Kahrein said...

My school project is to learn how to draw manga in just four months, and I've never done it before. You're my new best friend.

XIA said...

Kahrein> Thank you :) Likewise. Keep drawing.

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