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Friday, December 11, 2009

Concept Art Workshop Seattle 2010

We're throwing a big concept art workshop on Jan 23rd, 2010 featuring some awesome ArenaNet talent. Most of the artists on this thread will be there demonstrating their art process! Hope You guys can make it. Register at www.futurepoly.com to guarantee a seat. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to www.ChildsPlayCharity.org ChildsPlay is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 60 hospitals worldwide.

Yep, that's right. These are my colleges and mentors. If you are in the area and want to sharpen up your art skills or want to learn awesome trade to get your foot in the door of making video games. The workshop featuring the Master Artists Daniel Dociu, Jaime Jones, Kekai Kotaki, Richard Anderson, Matthew Barrett, and Horia Dociu. DON'T MISS this opportunity!!! These are the people you want to learn from. They are the best among the best. :)

Check out and register: www.futurepoly.com

concept art workshop seattle 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010, let's hope that you all and I become even the better artist for the year to come and be on the road of living the dream doing what you love and live comfortably as long as we draw and paint. :)

And I just thought this year, I should do something more with what I secretly deeply care about. So I decided to put the donation links of the organizations that I feel strongly toward that they need help, support, and donation. You can find the banners and links on the top right column of the blog. We, especially I (me), really do deeply care about wildlife so go donate or support them by volunteer or anything you can do at www.panda.org and www.savethetigerfund.org Save them wildlife, it's our job (Yeah, you and me). :)

"Also Thanks to ALL OF YOU READERs and SUPPORTERs of idrawgirls.com
We donate to save the wild turtle at WWF as this NEW YEAR's gift is for ALL OF YOU. Much love. Without you boys and girls, idrawgirls would not have come this far. It's year 4 we are entering here." ~ Xia Taptara :)

Here is a certified GIFT from WWF:
idrawgirls donation to WWF

You can do the same and send this gift to your love ones, great beginning for 2010.
goto: http://panda.org/gifts to learn more about the donation.

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me9a7 said...

wow thats awesoome! but im like waay far away from seattle :( wish you guys could do one here in Malaysia :)

electronicdraw said...

wa respect Daniel & Horia Dociu, Romania rulles! (un an nou fericit baieti!)

Luca said...

I got to know this trough Richard... too bad I'm from Malta man! I really wish I was there and be at all the things you organise, like conventions and stuff.

Anyhow, I hope that this year I work even harder and be more intense about being a better artist... hopefully I start my professional path as well...that's at least one of my resolutions, and I'm gonna work hard for it! ;)

Luca said...

Oh Xia this is such a really good news man. Saving the wild life turtles... so cool man, I love animals and nature! Good news. idrawgirls.com is growing aLOT!


Knuckles930 said...

Happy New Year everyone.

Already 4 years, going fast.
Great to see a donation from IDG.com
for the turtles.

Chris said...


custom shirts said...

Thanks for sharing your drawing knowledge for us.

ConnyCartoon said...


I have been looking for a good screenrecording software but the ones i've tried have been very bad.

what kind of software are you using?

Luca said...

Conny Cartoon> Use Camtasia Studio.

pebble said...

you draw girls so fantastically~!!

embrodiery thread said...

perfect drawings ,i am fond of it.thanks for sharing!!!

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