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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drawing horror comics panel step by step

How to draw horror comics panel.  Painting comics panel step by step.  Today sketch is one of the panels from the horror comics I am working on.  Now I am on page 4.  In the beginning, I start of with speedie style, then somehow I end up spending too much time on just one panel.  I did that for four to five panels, and that was not the plan I had in mind because it was taking way to long to finish one.  This one take me about four to six hours to finish because I keep going back and forth.  Also the rendering is a bit too polish than what I had in mind.
So the next panel would be something of a more sketchy and I am stylizing all the characters.  I think there is a reason for stylizing a character.  Wednesday and Thursday I only finish two and a half panels.  Friday, I finished more than 5 panels in one day.  Big different in time spend and it is more spontaneous and fun. First, it is easier and faster to draw than realistic approach.  Second, it is a lot easier to get more consistency when you try to make them look alike.  So I am going to stick with that for a few weeks and see how it turns out.

Master painter quote, "If I got it right every time, there would be little sense of accomplishment." ~Richard Schmid

Anyway, here is one of the panel

And below are step by step tutorial:
draw and paint comics tutorial

zombie horror hand
Here is another panel
drawing comics panel

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