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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Darth Vader the Best SuperBowl commercial.

Darth Vader the Best SuperBowl commercial.  I love it!  It was by far my most favorite advertising of all the SuperBowl ads.  I know I love watching Super Bowl and its commercials.  Every year I always share them with you guys on the blog.  
This year, 2011, super bowl ads do not impress me at all. I think a lot of companies probably gave up on spending millions of dollars for TV spot in the bad economy. Well, there are probably a lot more reason than just that. Many old-media types only understand the mass-media business models typified by television. Anyway, long story short.

The commercial, titled "The Force," has become a viral hit. It was YouTube's most-viewed video on Thursday and Friday (it was pre-released Wednesday) with more than 16 million views worldwide as of Monday afternoon. It was named most popular Super Bowl commercial on Hulu.com's "Ad Zone" and earned the No. 1 spot.

This is another commercial that was just too cute to pass up. Is it destined to be the top 2011 Super Bowl commercial? How could you not love the little Darth Vader? The Super Bowl XLV commercial spot for Volkswagen. Check out the crowd pleaser.

The mini Vader travels from room to room trying to force his “powers” without success, until he ventures outside and is finally able to start up his father’s Volkswagen.

Really cool VW Advertisement spot call "The Force"

Enjoy the awesome little Vader video ;-)

More drawing are coming soon, I promise.

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Paw said...

It is indeed a very awesome commercial.

idrawgirls said...

I love it!

Heartofdorkness said...

Watched the SuperBowl, but somehow I missed this one. The commercials could of been better. Halftime could have be a lot better. :D

Still though, Glad the Packers won. It was a good game.

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