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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to draw Dark Phoenix

How to draw Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey from X-men.  Painting Marvel character Dark Phoenix rising work in progress. This tutorial is step by step work in process. As viewers requested and voted on idrawgirls Facebook page, I was going to make a video tutorial on this one but it did not turn out the way I want it to be. So I scraped the video and paint over the failed attempt of drawing and paint Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix rising. It took me a couple hours to paint the first attempt.

Anyway, I was not going to give up easily with this painting so I rethink and repaint. It takes a lot longer than I thought with fixing up and repaint Jean Grey. But I think it turns out well on the second attempt. It is very difficult to design and paint a character in a horizontal format so I decided to give the second attempt on a vertical format. And here she is.

Jean Grey Dark Phoenix rising version (Work in progress)

But here is a previous failed speedpainting of the character.
failed painting
I had the whole recording of the process, but it is bad so I am not going to upload it. I failed too once in a while.

I am not done with the painting yet, it took me about four hours of thinking, fixing and painting all together.
I got carry away so I guess I will have to finish her as a final character concept painting rather than speedpaint.
Below are step by step process digital painting Jean Grey Dark Phoenix rising.

how to draw marvel dark phoenix step 01

digital painting marvel character step 2

digital painting marvel character step 3

dark phoenix work in progress
Step by step To be continued next post.
Download bigger version here: Dark Phoenix work in progress

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