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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yun Ling aka Lingy-0, Master Artist interview

Yun Ling aka Lingy-0, Master Artist interview. He is one of my favorite artists that I've found on the internet. He currently works for Volta as a concept artist, and was kind enough to give us a short interview here at idrawgirls.com

1. How and why did you want to become a Concept Artist?
Yun Ling: At first I just liked to draw, but I didn't realize what I could do, then I found a job as a concept artist by chance, and that's how I began.

© Yun Ling

2. What is your first art job and how did you start?
Yun Ling: My first art job was freelance work. It was for one of my friends doing some illustrations for cards. They were very small works.

© Yun Ling

© Yun Ling

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Yun Ling: I'm inspired by a lot of things: books, movies, comics, and other artists of course. A good story is the most inspiring.
4. To you, what are the three most important elements in painting or concept art in general?
Yun Ling: I think the most important element is idea, I don't know what to draw if I have no idea. then basic drawing knowledge it's the tool, and composition. This is a key to make a picture beautiful.

© Yun Ling

5. What would you suggest to young artists on how to get start and become the better artist?
Yun Ling: Keep drawing from life as suggested by many arists. I'm still learning to do this.

© Yun Ling

You can connect with him at LinkedIn here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lingy0

Now go draw and paint more.

Edited by Cody O. Parker

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