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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Figure drawing male from life drawing session

Figure drawing male from life drawing session.  These are one to five and ten minutes figure drawing sketches from the session last week.  This time we had a male model and I had a decent spot to capture the light and shadow.  I wish I had a little more time to work on the some the poses that are only five minutes long.  A few five minutes poses in the session had a good potential to be really good for rendering study (lighting).  I can only wish some of these had twenty five minutes to work on the muscle structure and interesting lighting.  But the session we are in has only gesture to maximum of ten minutes pose.
There is the life drawing session on Sunday morning not that far from my house which has all twenty-five minute pose for three to four hours.  But I could never really make it there because I usually have rough Saturday night. I could never wake up in time in the past couple years.  And the session is really crowded, so I will have to get there really early just to get the seat that I would be able to see the figure clearly.  Anyway, below are the figure study sketches.

figure drawing male gesture
figure drawing male 5 minutes posefigure drawing male 5 minutes posefigure drawing 5-10 minutes posesfigure drawing 5-10 minutes posesfigure drawing 5-10 minutes poses

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