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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gas-mask apocalypse rogue soldier sketch tutorial

How to draw gasmask soldier.  Gasmask apocalypse rogue soldier sketch tutorial, character thumbnail concept sketch. Since I've been playing around with zombie idea and the zombie hunter's weapons in the previous post, how to draw Zombie digital painting tutorial. I was thinking about having the female character has a mace, but then shotgun and flamethrower were suggest by our friends and readers.
Since Flamethrower is one of my favorite arsenal of weapons of all time doesn't matter what game I was playing...with flamethrower, it always make it waaaaaaaaaaay better!

Since I could not possibly squeeze in flamethrower or flame-gun into the previous illustration because. IT IS BIG and will possibly change the look and the characteristic or persona of the character I already established. I decided to quickly sketch an addition cast to the Zombie hunting horde. The creepy gas-mask rogue soldier steampunk-ish dude.

Anyway, it was a fun.

here is a final gasmask dude

Here are step by step tutorial:

sketch thumbnail for concept art
digital painting tutorial gasmask dude

I'm going to fresh this concept scribble more so...stay tune for the next episode. :)
gasmask dude speedpainting

Here is a video tutorial: Drawing and painting gas-mask soldier dude
*Video is uploading coming soon*

Also a little update from the Zombie hunter girl, I decided to go with the shotgun. Still lot of paint over to do here...coming up.
zombie hunting

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Knuckles930 said...


David said...

I like the gas-mask guy! But I don't get the perspective of the zombie piece, is it like 2 images kinda intersecting? Or is it actually meant to be a corner of a house or something?

XIA said...

Knuckle> Thanks bro

David> Thanks, um...good point. I guess that's what happen when you didn't plan the composition of the whole piece from the beginning. Bad example. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

cool picture!
u had better refer to dorohedoro (ドロヘドロ) in ikki comic!

Luca said...

Wassup bro! nice update here :) gas masks are sooo cool.

Keep updating that sexy girl with those freakin zombies. :)

All the best my friend.

XIA said...

Ano> Whao! Badass Manga...I just looked it up. Cool stuff bro!

Luca> Bravo! Thanks bro...more gasmasks are coming up. ;)

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