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DragonBall The live action movie: Emmy Rossum as Bulma concept pictures

How to draw Bulma from DragonBall The live action movie: Emmy Rossum as Bulma. I sketch the Dragonball character concept to see what would she looks like as Bulma and for personal fulfillment.

Should you be excited?
I am very skeptical about the project. I REALLY skeptical. Early DragonBall was one of my all time favorite, not DragonBall Z. "Dragonball" is adapted from the manga created by Akira Toriyama; the work was also turned into a Japanese anime series.
It would be COOL, if PIXAR would have product it in 3D just like "The Incredible" style. Live donno how it would turn out.

ドラゴンボールの実写映画:エミーrossumとしてbulma 。私のスケッチキャラクターの概念を参照してくださいドラゴンボールのように何が彼女のために、個人的な充足感bulma 。

私はこのプロジェクトについて非常に懐疑的だ。本当に懐疑的だ。初期のドラゴンボールは私のすべての時間のお気に入りの1つではなく、ドラゴンボールZの"ドラゴンボール"は、漫画に適応したから作成されたアキラtoriyama ;の仕事でも日本のアニメシリーズに変えられている。
涼しい方が、もしそれを3次元ピクサーが商品と同じように、 "信じられない"のスタイルです実写… …その… …私はどのようにすることが判明した。

Now the movie is already in preproduction and begin shooting I believe.

Emmy Rossum has also updated her blog with some interesting details about filming in the desert.

The plot?
[Based on] Piccolo Daimaoh Saga (Demon Lord Piccolo Saga) is the penultimate saga from the anime Dragonball. It includes the battles between Goku and King Piccolo's sons, Goku's first encounter with the Samurai warrior, Yajirobe, Goku's quest to find the Holy Water, his final battle with young King Piccolo, and the birth of Piccolo Junior

Appearances also made by Yamcha and Bulma but regretably not Pu'ar or Oolong, nor even Krillin. Ox King and his Daughter Chi Chi are speculated. (IMDb)

The casts:
# Goku - Justin Chatwin (Tom Cruise's kid from War of the Worlds)
# Lord Piccolo - James Marsters
# Master Roshi - Chow Yun-Fat
# Bulma - Emmy Rossum
# Chi Chi - Jamie Chung
# Yamcha - Joon Park
# Mai - Eriko Tamura

Here are some final color sketches (different versions) of Rossum as Bulma
(Brunette, Green Hair and Blonde Hair: I should have try Bleach Blonde)- Click to enlarge

Here is the DragonBall: Emmy Rossum process

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