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Titan Creature Character design inspired by Final Fantasy series.

Manga character design Titan Manga drawing lesson: Titan Creature Character design inspired by Final Fantasy series. I was a big fan of Final Fantasy series...I play it up until FF IX. FF VII is definitely my favorite. I don' have much time to play anything these days, but I still look at the trailers and art work from time to time to get visual stimulation. You can always count on cool design on FF series, even thought it seems repetitive nowadays, if you really look for it you will find something new and cool.

This sketch basically a tribute to FF, creature character concept idea that heavily influence by the genre.

I used black ball-pointed pen for this sketch (beause I have it right by my side).
Here are the Titan Creature Character sketch:

Here are step by step applying color scheme to this Titan Creature (still work in process)




Watch the Video process tutorial Drawing and Painting Concept Titan Creature:
Part One sketching:

Part 2 Drawing Manga Titan Here

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:-Genius MousePen 6x8
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet
-Bamboo (Small) Pen Tablet (new from Wacom!) Economy for everyone.Softwares:
-Gimp (Free Download)
-Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Professional software)
*You can just use pencil, paper, markers on this one...just practice rendering.

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Luca said…
Hi Xia! well done- this one is really amazing, You should make a finish illustration of this one, its really NICE! But one question: How do you create them, I mean how do you get all the ideas??

XIA said…
Thanks luca, I will do my best to not mess up. Ideas?!!! just a bunch of accumulative visual information in my head. The more you observe, and carefully observe...and look for things study them. Then...EXPRESS them out visually LOUD or quiet is up to you. :)
mynameisjuvy said…
xia ur awesome!

ive been practicing armor illustrations for weeks but i never actually thought about using photoshop until recently. since im a beginner in the sense of using a computer for drawing your advice has helped me alot. keep up the good work
XIA said…
JUvy> Thanks brother! Glad I can help and the tuts are useful to people. You too keep up the art. :)
Feel free to come back and visit us any time.
Sebastard said…
Well, congratulations, Xia ;). You're one of the reasons that after 5 years of having put down the pencil/pen, i picked it up again and started scribbling. A week later i ordered myself a wacom, and now i'm painting/drawing 10 hours/day. Your art is an inspiration and your style is amazing as well. While we don't use the same style, your art is certainly a motivation to make me keep practicing :).

Keep it up!
XIA said…
Sebastard> Thanks man! Sorry for the late reply...been busy with Guild Wars 2 and the trailer is OUT!

Wow! five years...if you keep up 5-10 hours a day and pursue what your really want, you will get where you want to be. I was out for 5-6 years (business college and work in business field) Then one day...and came back when I was 22 I decide this is what I want to do...
It's great nowadays cuz many games company and hollywook so you can actually make some GREAT LIVING ($$$, NO MORE starving artist if you choose to be commercialize and have fun working) if you are in high demand.
Keep up the good work!!!
Best of luck to you!
Sebastard said…
Even more encouraging. I too come from a purely academic background. I have a master's degree in Sociology and a bachelor in psychology (i'm 23 pushing 24) but about a year ago, i had a revelation and started scribbling (as in writing). I agree with you about the market situation, it's an artist's dream (as long as he/she has some skill). is now my starting page btw ;). I'm a fan - get used to it ^^.

XIA said…
Sebastard> Yeah! thanks, do what you love! I have a business degree, not art by any means. I started out with small company when I was already 23 and now 7 yrs in...Im loving it. Just do your best and always getting better. It never stop that's a crazy things about art and can only get better the more you practice. Good luck!