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Tutorial Portrait painting digital painting step by step

Tutorial Portrait painting digital painting step by step. It is finally finished!  This is part of how to paint Susan Storm Invisible woman.
Continued from the previous post Portrait study process, I finally have some time to work on the final version of this portrait study. The most challenging part of this one is probably how to manipulate the custom brush and make it work with the image. What I notice during the process is I have to utilize the brush shapes and textures to make it fit within the context of the painting and not over doing it.
It is really fun somehow and difficult at the same time using painterly texture brush shape to try to paint skin and still make it looks appealing. And it's more challenge and more fun to play around with edge with certain Photoshop custom brushes.
Anyway, I also record the video and it will be released as an expansion three chapter for the feature tutorial Face Constructed II. For those of you who already have it, I will be sending you guys link to download within a few days for free. As you all know once in a while I often release the expansion add to some of the existing tutorial to make it better than it already is. And those of you who have purchased any of idrawgirls' feature tutorials know that I always send them to you as a thank you surprise release for free when ever I have the expansion chapters. Anyway, this one is one of my better one yet. And I am always trying to make our products better and better as I am progress as an artist. So thanks for all the support over the years, I really do appreciate you all.
Cheers! :)

Here are the step by step Digital Painting Portrait:
portrait painting step by step
Here is a final version...though I might work on it some more...who knows
cg tutorial photoshop painting
Here is a bigger version: Portrait Painting study
To see the previous step go here: Portrait study process

Watch fast Video Demo of the whole process, this actually takes me about two hours:

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Luca Cauchi said…
s.e.x.y. :D

Well done xia.
LEGEND0187 said…
Thank you always Xia! You are awesome. Iam very grateful to have found about you and your site. Your tutorials are fantastic. Thank you for your contributions in making a better world for the visual arts. I have learned many good things from you and I know many others have as well. Cheers!
idrawgirls said…
Luca> Thanks brother. ;)

Nick> Thanks, I'm glad I can help as much as I can. Thanks for all your support and contribution to the blog. ;)
Kevin said…
Thank you so much for the bonus download. Looking forward to watching it over the weekend. Keep up the great work!
Amazing work!!! ;D

I have bought almost all your videos !!

Ricardo Figueira
Anonymous said…
Your blog r-u-u-u-u-l-e-s!!!! So much interesting content. Xia you are talented teacher, thanks for interesting content.
idrawgirls said…
Ricardo> Thanks man and thanks a lot for your support, hope you enjoy them videos and help you excel. ;)

Anonymous> Thanks, I hope those content help you progress somehow. :)