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How to paint night scene landscape

How to paint night scene landscape.  Landscape quick color concept digital painting with a knight on a horseback. As I mention there will be more environmental concept scribble and here is another one of landscape or sort of seascape with some waves and rocky coast.
I was going to play more with perspective and do more building scenes, but I will save it for next time. This one surprisingly didn't take me as long as I think it would. Similar many of the concept I did, I start out monochromatic then finding the color scheme on step 3-4. I want it to be a cool color scheme to give it some sort of solitude in the setting at night. First I add the blue and work around with it until I get the variation of blue along with the correct values around the canvas, then I begin to add a little bit of the complimentary color, yellow, onto the image. Once you have more than one colors you should try to get them to balance by arrange one as dominant or primary, then secondary, then so on. As you do that, you will slowly seeing the color harmonize themselves. It can be difficult as it often did to me, but as you practice more and more, you will start to understand visually how you could get them to balance. But once in a while to get them off balance on purpose can get interesting result.

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Here is a quick blue scheme landscape concept:
Below are step by step landscape painting tutorial:

learn digital painting concept art

environmental concept art tutorial
Here is a bigger size: environmental concept art tutorial

Hope you enjoy the tutorial, see you soon!

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Niva said…
Looking good, really like this piece and the step-by-step.