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how to draw realistic Manga style face

How to draw realistic Manga face. Learn how to draw Manga, Anime, and comics. Drawing and sketching Manga anime technique for manga, cartoon and comics. This one is along the line of many Mangakas that lean toward realism. Manga doesn't just have the typical BIG EYEs and cute face. There are ten hundreds of different styles. In US, the distributors ONLY bring what they think you guys will buy, and YOU BUY. If you want to know just Google クライング フリーマン or Crying Freeman, コブラ or Cobra, 鴉天狗カブト or Tengu Kabuto, or Hyper realistic along the line of several Final Fantasy and many more.

Here is a final image from video demo.

Below is a video demo of how to draw Manga realistic style face.

1) I usually start with an egg shape drawing, very old school and traditional and it quick for me. On this one I am going to angle it a bit so the face will be 3/4 instead of the frontal shot. Always attach the neck and a bit of shoulder with the head when doing face, it gives you more of an illusion of this is part of a person.

2) After that, draw a vertical line to split the flat plane in half from top to bottom. Then draw a horizontal line to divide the top and bottom distance in half. This horizontal line would be where humans eyes should be, they are usually right in the middle of the face horizontally.

3) This step, I add two more horizontal line on top and bottom of the existing one. These line will help me indicate how tall should the eyes be in comparison to the rest of the face.
Another mark for the bottom of her nose, it is half way in between the first horizontal line and the bottom of her chin. And again in between the nose mark and the bottom of the chin half way should be where her mouth is.

From 4)-6) You already have the base sketch lines to go off from, now you just have to solidify the portrait.

This is a finish drawing of a Manga portrait

Here is a finished version after I painted it in Photoshop

Enjoy the tutorial.

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