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Google adds search by images and voice search

Google adds search by images and voice search.  What?!!! Google has announced Voice Search for desktop machines today. This feature is available right in the browser on any desktop machine and appears right next to the search box. In addition, they also announced the ability to drag and drop an image into the search bar to search for its contents using Search by Image. Much improvement to its search products today at its Inside Search event in San Francisco. One of the big changes involves bringing technology that Google has used to improve mobile search to the desktop.
Personally, I think images search will be more valuable for me because it would be much easier if I am looking for reference for many things.  I am really exited!
Go to to get yours

Watch a video on how to drag drop images search

Google is also using its mobile technology to create a “search by image” option on the desktop. So if you see an image that you want to know more about, you can either enter the Web address, upload it to Google, drag-and-drop it into Google, or use the Chrome or Firefox extensions to perform a search.

Once the image is placed into the search box, the service delivers results related to the picture. An image of a location, for example, will tell users where it is and provide relevant links about it.
To add some more flavor to the service, Google also offers a "visually similar images," allowing users to see photos that look the same.
In order to determine results for an image, Google compares information in the image to the "billions" of photos it current has in its database.
Google's Search By Image feature is being rolled out over the next few days. According to the company, both voice search and Search By Image are available only in Chrome.

Below is a video of Voice search.

This I am so exited about because I already have it on my android.  ;-)

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