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How to paint master chief Halo

How to paint master chief Halo digital painting tutorial.  Here is another how to draw and paint character from video games. A lot of people ask me if Wacom tablet Intuo series with Photoshop is good for drawing on a computer.  To me, naturally drawing is still better with pencil and paper.  Wacom tablet and Photoshop or Painter is a great tool but still lack of the precision compare to sharp pointy pencil (If you are looking for a drawing).  You can draw with your Wacom as a starting point, but the best thing about Wacom tablet is not in drawing but in rendering (shading) and painting (apply color and value), in short, finish up your illustration.  So there is my two cents for Wacom.  I still love drawing with pencil whenever I get a chance.
Here in this tutorial post we have Master chief from Halo video and step by step.  It is long over due.  I meant to speed painting the character long time ago, but I didn't feel like it until now.  ;-)
As I mentioned earlier about Wacom.  If you take a look at all my painting process, you will find that I use line draw as a starting point.  Like in this tutorial, in the first step, you can really see the rough sketch, not so much of a drawing.  Even though the sketch is really rough but it's the line economy and all these lines give me enough reference point to move on to the next step.  Remember, you don't need to draw everything, just enough reference point for you to go on to the next stepping stone.
Then I use the sketch to form shapes (see step 2).  In painting, correct drawing and correct shape is very important.  You have to get it as accurate as you can before go on to the next step because it is the very foundation of your painting.  Get it wrong, you might have to start drawing it over.
After shapes, I then try to apply value.  In this tutorial, it is a study of a screenshot so I know exactly where to put my dark, mid and light.  Because of study like this one, if you do a lot of painting study exercise, you will know what to do when it comes to your own concept art.  When you paint your non-existing subject from your own idea, you borrow all the knowledge that store in your brain.  Without knowing how to paint real life person, portrait, etc, you won't be able to create concept art from scratch.  Anyway, below are the video tutorial of how to paint Master chief from Halo and step by step drawing along images.

About Master chief: The Master Chief is one of the most visible symbols of the Halo series. Originally designed by Bungie artists including Marcus Lehto, Rob McLees, and Shi Kai Wang, the character is a towering and faceless cybernetically-enhanced supersoldier; he is never seen without his green-colored armor or helmet. Downes built his personification of the Chief off a character description which called for a Clint Eastwood-type character of few words.
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is a fictional character and protagonist of the Halo fictional universe, created by Bungie. Master Chief is a player character in the trilogy of science fiction first-person shooter video games Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3 and will appear in the upcoming Halo 4. Outside of video games, the character appears in novels - Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, Halo: First Strike, and Halo: Uprising - and has cameos in other Halo media, including Halo: Reach, Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, The Halo Graphic Novel and Halo Legends. He is voiced by Chicago disc jockey Steve Downes in the video games in which he appears.

Here is a final speed painting of Master Chief
How to paint master chief Halo finished

Below is a Digital painting video tutorial of Master Chief from Halo

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Additional step by step images painting Master Chief tutorial
how to draw master chief halo

Final image of Master Chief speed painting (time 35 minutes)
master chief painting tutorial
Download bigger image: Master Chief Halo

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I hope you enjoy the tutorials.  Peace!