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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Speedpainting using Photoshop: A Girl with a Monster

This is another character or creature concept art (painting). This one is coming along the same line as "KEEPER". I actually drew out this one before I got an idea for the "Keeper", but it was too scribblely (is that a word?). So I have to kind of figure out what was it that I drew. I kind of like the mixture of mysterious scary element and beauty of female figure so most of my personal art tend to be like that. I also tend to add a personality to the girl, like this one she looks a bit pissed off.
Some of You might call it a little erotic, but I'd say this is nothing close to what I have in my sketchbook. I tone it down a bit for public display purpose and for the kids. Recently I found most of the time when I attempt to create something with such combination, it turn out well. Maybe I should keep going with that theme for a little while.

Have fun!


Alexiev said...

Very good work... enchants to me... goes everything what I saw in your blog seems very good to me... Greetings from Buenos Aires...

Alexiev Store

XIA said...

Thanks Man! Just start the Blog last week, I hope I can just keep going and going and going!

Eli Edmundson said...

Nice work! Like the raw energy!

idrawgirls said...

I try to keep it as rough as I can when I finalize. Sometimes it works, other times...at least I try.

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