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Pin up girl digital painting X men first class Mystique

Draw and paint Mystique X-men pin up girl digital painting X men first class Mystique step by step and video tutorial. I thought it would be fun to draw and paint some kind of a pin up girl this time. And I also got inspired by the new x men movie that will be coming out soon.
This tutorial is actually very long, it took me about 3-4 days to try to finish the whole painting, at first I was just planing on doing a portrait study tutorial, but I thought there are too many of them on the blog. On one of the older tutorial post called how to draw Anime foreshortening hand that I just recently reworked on has some extreme foreshortening drawing in Anime style. So I thought I should somehow implement that into this tutorial and make it more appealing with interesting pose for the character.
Then I start changing my composition around and add the extreme foreshortening into my pin up girl painting. It took me a long time to figure out how to do foreshortening in the realistic fashion without making it look much like a cartoon. The hard part is actually to make it look proportionally correct and make it look like a dynamic drawing. It takes a lot of looking at your own hands in the mirror (did I mention that artists should have a mirror on their working desk? easy to use yourself as a reference sometimes, just a tip).
Anyway, so here it is Mystique from X men first class

A bit about X Men first class: Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-MEN.
X-Men: First Class, due for release on June 3, 2011, is directed by Matthew Vaughn. There will be the young Professor X, and Erik Lensherr, who becomes Magneto. It is a prequel focusing on "the formative years of Xavier and Magneto, and the formation of the school and where their relationship took a wrong turn." The villains of the film will be the Hellfire Club, featuring Sebastian Shaw, and Emma Frost. And of course the young Mystique. X-Men: First Class began principal photography in September 2010 in London.

Here is the final image: Pin Up girl Mystique
Learn to draw comics online
Here are step by step How to draw and paint Pin Up girl:

how to draw comics x men mystique

digital painting tutorial face and hair

I know, it really long this tutorial. :)
comics tutorial foreshortening

pin up girl digital painting tutorial

And here is Mystique
pin up girl comics mystique

Mystique x men first class
Download bigger image here: Mystique x men first class

Then I decided that I should add Magneto, Sabretooth and Wolverine in there. :)
But just not quite what you would expected. And I have two version. Let me know which one you like better by leave the comment.

Here is a Digital painting video Demo how to draw and paint pin up girl, Mystique

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Enjoy the digital painting tutorial.


Anonymous said…
Great tutorial, more complex & more interesting. I think additional figures adds interest to whole image - so I prefer last version.
Aaron said…
I like how sultry she is in A, but I think I like B better still. Chibi Magneto is hilarious! The expressions on Wolverine and Sabertooth are pretty funny too.

Good to see all the new stuff Xia, it's really inspirational. Looking forward for more!
Rigtje said…
Looks nice! Well, I prefer the first one. Mystique looks a bit tired on the second one xD
Eyal said…
Just wanted to say that you rock! Your tutorials are really inspiring, and give me more zest to try and get better.
P.S. Both versions are awesome, but I think the with the 2nd one you get the benefit of the eye difference :)

Keep up the great work!!
gibson said…
love it mate
i think the open eyes is much better
the closed eyes looks a little weird it doesn't come off as if she is winking at you.

again thanks for the tutorial
my aim is to be at least as good as you in a couple of years or atleast before im 30 lol im 20 now so if i don't improve in 10 years then i should really give up.
idrawgirls said…
Arthur> thanks man! Yeah they are fun to do.

Aaron> Thanks man, they are funny and fun to paint.

Rigtje> Thank you. Yeah after dealing with all these crazy goons in the background? she should be. ;)

Eyal> Thank you, I am glad someone notice the eyes transformation.

gibson> Couldn't agree more, the more I look at them I amleaning toward that too. Well, if you draw and paint seriously 6-9 hours daily, you should be able to improve a lot in a few years. ;)
Luca said…
ur the man brother! This one is excillent dude :)

love it
Mattias Yeo said…
Another superb piece of work and even more excellent tutorial!

Cheers and thanks! ;)
bernadinus gita said…
thanx alot for tutorial sharing mate!
Really worth it.
idrawgirls said…
@Luca thanks brother, cheers!
@Dahaca I try, thanks
@Mattias thank you, more tutorials to come.
@bernadinus You are welcome, thanks for stopping by.