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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to Draw and Paint Face using Photoshop: Video Tutorial

How to Paint a Face: Quick Girl's Face Painting Tutorial

Before you learn how to paint, you have to be able to draw accurately. Practice, practice, and practice. The best and fastest way to learn how to draw figure correctly is from life. Find some session in your area and attend it!!! It's will make you a better artist fast.

This tutorial is a bit intermediate. If you want to learn the basic go to my other tutorial on the right panel menu of the blog.

This one took me a couple hours. And I just want to show you a quick video of step by step, I know no one has the whole two hours to spend on the web so I make a very short video tutorial to save our time. It's a quick tutorial on how to paint face in Photoshop for your concept design and quick illustration.

Painting Face (Fast Demo): Natalie Portman

Part 1:
-Construct a face using simple technique.

-This part will focus on careful observation, correct drawing and underpainting.

-This final part will focus on refine final shape, value and final clean up.

NOTE* Additional Two Minutes Face Sketch.

Hope that helpful somehow. Have fun!

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