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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sketches (more like scribble) from Sketch Book

Hey Fellas,

First off, thanks for visiting the site and hopefully I contribute something good to the society. Anyway, I am trying really hard to maintain my daily post. It's difficult to get GOOD New material everyday, but I still try. I wish I am a lot faster than I am so that I can crank out something in twenty minutes and it still look good as if I spend hours on it. Just a wish. :)

Today I scanned in some of my sketches, they are usually very loose because I just like to get the idea then I leave it. Then I scan them in and work on it digitally. Once in a while I will finish a sketch as far as I can for practicing purpose. To me, personally, I prefer taking them in to Photo Shop and finish painting them, it takes me about the same amount of time trying to finish rendering them with traditional graphite tool. That's what I love about digital age, you turn it on...then you good to go, you can save it then leave without having to clean up or try to find the way to save some paint. Also you don't really have to spend time to mix paint, prep material and all that. Though I still love painting in oil, there is nothing like it. Just that whenever I have at least four to five hours straight to spare, which is almost impossible for me nowadays.

Anyway, these are some sketches from my sketch book. I have two sets of books, one is purely for imagination and the other set is solely for life drawing purpose. These ones I did are mostly when I am really sleepy...I did them on purpose to get some kind of dreamy like in my head and try to cultivate them onto the book.

Some giant creature is trying to eat a girl.

Some thumbnails of mech idea I have in my head at times.

Some sleepy crap...I have no idea what those are, really.

"Super Girl" my version, a bit feisty.

Here are some sketches from life all of these are done in one to three minutes. Fun stuff!

*Note: it's art, and pure natural state that everyone possesses so there is no reason to freak out about seeing these for any reason (some people might have different perspective.). We study them, us so that we can make a better and brighter future for mankind, relax.

Thanks for visiting guys,
Have a great day!


David Cousens said...

Hey Xia, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, it was great to see a CAer there! I'm really impressed you're managing a daily blog entry! Keep up the good work mate,

idrawgirls said...

Thanks bro!

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