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Friday, November 23, 2007

Learn how to draw cartoon cute kitty cat: Step by Step video tutorial lesson

Cartoon comics: Learn how to draw cute critter kitty cat: Step by Step video tutorial lesson. Drawing and sketching crazy funky kitty cat cartoon: Step by Step from basic sketching lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. This tutorial is FOR Beginners or general public or kids. :)

It's a simple basic drawing, record and produce in real time for beginners and kids friendly for this time around, happy thanksgiving. I should have drawn a turkey!

Here is the image:

Enjoy the Video: BASIC DRAWING

Drawing Software & Tools I used:
-E frontier Manga Studio EX Professional
-Genius MousePen 8X6 Graphic Tablet for Home and Office
*It could also be done with Graphite or Pencil, gauche and Paper.

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Noura Sakr said...

Sooo cute :)

dtglnnja said...

I am a beginner in drawing and I would like to ask a question if you don't mind.. If I want to be good in drawing, where should I practice? Paper and pencil/pen or Tablet? Thanks in advance.

XIA said...

Noura> Thank you.

dtglnnja> My thought, I would recommend pencil, pen and paper. Draw as much as you can traditionally because you will practice drawing from shoulder and elbow with BIG arch. It's fun and natural/ correct way to draw.
Drawing from table alone will not be sufficient enough, thus drawing from your wrist is difficult and hard to create the fluid lines.

Gimp is a great coloring/ painting tool, kids these days have it easier then we do in painting arena. Free open source with great quality. As for tablet?
I would recommend size 8x6 if you can. Genius is fine some pros use it. Wacom is great but not necessary.

dgtlnnja said...

Wow thanks for the quick response. I became interested in drawing again since Ive read a lot of web comics lately and I wanted to try and make a web comic of my own. :D Uhmmm... If you dont mind again...Can you check out and criticize my work? I did some digital art and yeah I know it looks very newbie but It would be very helpful to have a professional eye look at my work. :) Thanks again Xia! More power to you and idrawgirls!


dgtlnnja said...

Oh and by the way I use a Wacom Volito Graphics Tablet... I think its size is A6. So yeah if you have some spare time maybe you can check out my digital art in my blogspot page. Thanks Xia!

XIA said...

dgtnnja> Sorry for the late response, :) I will try check them out both Volito and the blog as soon as I can free myself from this piles of work. Peace! :)

dgtlnnja said...

Thanks!! :D

Averna said...


I'ma get this tattooed on me.

(No joke. I've been looking around for a good cat tattoo for MONTHS. This is the sweetest cat drawing I've found yet.)

Anonymous said...


i'm a beginner drawer and i really want to do a snowboarding drawing, the thing is i want to make it look good, and i just can't seem to get the powder affect right :( could you give me some advice please it would really help!!

XIA said...

Anonymous> We have over 300 tutorial, I'm pretty if you browse around you will eventually find something you want. Trick is, draw everyday...practice makes perfect! :)

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