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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to draw volcanic dragon

How to draw volcanic dragon fantasy concept art step by step video tutorial lesson.Drawing and sketching monster creature the mighty dragon.  Learn easy to follow drawing lesson  and sketching variety of different dragon creature monster designs.  Volcanic dragon  is a dragon born from magma erupted from a volcano. In other words, it is an igneous dragon of volcanic origin.
Another Dragon concept design. Dragon concept design and illustration: Step by Step concept design sketching and drawing online lesson.

Below is a volcanic dragon drawing

Here is a video tutorial: How to draw a Volcanic Dragon:

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NOTE: Uh, really...you don't really need any Photoshop fancy custom brush to make art. In this tutorial I only use DEFAULT round brush with different opacities. Anyway, if anyone want custom brushes, I have tutorials...BUT really you DON'T need it to draw.
Basic foundation is a lot more important!

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