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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Draw and color comics Woman sitting by the beach

Draw and color sexy comics Woman sitting by the beach.
Anime and Manga drawing and coloring Tutorial: drawing woman, female figure, girl character comic style. Learn how to draw and color cartoon illustration using photoshop and gimp. Drawing design and painting female character learn to draw face, eyes, head, lips, mouth, hair, body and color anime for concept art and sci-fi illustration. A step by step sketch and paint a quick color concept.

Here is a final color sketch Comics style woman on the beach.

anime, art, assasin, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, gesture, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, speedpaintiing, tutorial
anime, art, assasin, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, gesture, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, speedpaintiing, tutorial
anime, art, assasin, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, gesture, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, speedpaintiing, tutorial
anime, art, assasin, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, gesture, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, speedpaintiing, tutorial

Watch the draw and color video process, sexy woman sitting by the beach.

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** If you have any basic questions or specific please looked up Q/A section. Most of the time your questions has already been answered in Q/A.

If you need any help or support you can
-post questions or comment on the post (seems to be the fastest way to get response)


Curtis said...

Nice sketch Xia.

Would you use the same process if you were to design a highly refined piece, for example promotional artwork for a game? Do you experiment with different techniques?

dahaca said...

I told a friend about your blog.He was very disappointed because there weren't any cars only a motorcycle.
He said that with your skills you can draw one "mean" car.

Luca said...

For example, for this, you had already sketched your idea on paper or you just sarted to draw on pc straight away with no reference? Also, the sketches you make on paper, do you give them color and if so what medium do you use (watercolor, aquarelli)?
Finally as Curtis asked you, do you make use of different techniques for a final illustration?

Thanks and keep posting!

Luca said...

Also man, I appreciated a lot in this video that you explained how are you setting the layers and the other photoshop stuff... if possibly in the future videos explain this way, such as the layer mode, brush feather, etc...

Thanks again man, you're really being of great help!

Chris said...

Nice tutorial here, easy to understand. Thanks.

Knuckles930 said...

If you want more info on how to use
layers, I would suggest the featured tutorials. It's a small investment
but there well worth it.

XIA said...

Curtis & LUCA> That's a good but complicated question...there are so many ways to skin a cat. BUT basically the way it all begins is very much the same.
Focus on Foundation is the core. 1) If your figure doesn't look convincing (there are no such thing as perfect anatomy in illustration, one can always spot little tiny mistake, but all you have to do is make it convincing and believable and adorable)...no matter how much details you put on it, it won't be a good piece.
2) If your lighting is wrong...doesn't matter how cool the design is, it won't look good.
3) Forget that any shortcuts or fancy Photoshop tricks will make you better any faster, IT WON'T.

ALL YOU NEED really is to practice and understand the basic, foundation (lines & correct drawing, value & lighting, perspective, compositions,) able to look for mistake for yourself and executed it well.
Once you know all that...layers are just there for shortcut and make it faster for you to executed.
Just watch all the vids, more 250 vids...come on... you have to be able to get something. :)

Chris> Thanks brother. :)
Knuckle> Thanks brother ;)

Cheers guys!

XIA said...

Luca> As for planing and such...I barely have enough time to get anything done in a day...I wish there are more time for me to plan and paint things for the site. So most of them are on spot and spontaneous and experimenting
...that's why some of them are crappy. :)
But my advice is take time to plan things and thumbnails them out...that's the KEY to good stuff.!!!
I believe I talk about ALL that in most of the VIDs, LISTEN CAREFULLY, there are always hidden message in each vids. LISTEN CAREFULLY then you will get more.


XIA said...

dahaca> CArs!?...um...Not really my cup of tea though I do like nice cars. Maybe someday...maybe.

Chris said...

Hidden messages? If we play your videos backwards will we hear you telling us to smoke, drink and get wasted?!

Now that you mention it, there is something strangely hypnotic about your dog avatar...

XIA said...

Chris> ha ha...You came very close. But I do recommend acquiring nice cars and beautiful women. Work hard , live hard and play hard. Just do your best, enjoy the magic of life. :)

XIA said...

Don't forget to secure your financial future by SAVING. It is important.

Luca said...

I will save money as soon as i get a good job :)
Regarding to nice women- they're one of the best things in life, still I've got to work a bit on them! lol

Thanks xia for your reply and assistance...thanks!

Jonathan Rector said...

So awesome. Love all your videos bro. I'm learning so much!

Knuckles930 said...

Knowing the shortcuts is somethings
that can come in handy, but it indeed
won't make you any better. Of course
if your able to pick some up it's
never to bad. I often check out the
shortcuts in the begin, because I'm
used to work with them more than with
different menu's.

XIA said...

Luca> Nice women are good. Pretty women can be nice too, only if you know how to tame them. Be social, make lots of friends. ***DON'T BE TOO NICE TO PEOPLE (unless they are nice to you first- people often take niceness as weakness), but be up front, be honest to yourself and know what you want. That will get you a head start. Also talk to every single pretty women you see, just talk to get used to them. You have nothing to loose. :)

Knuckle> Yep! Short cut make your life a lot easier, safe time. Thank brother! :)

XIA said...

Jonathan Rector> Thanks for stopping by man! Glad I can be of some service to society and contribute good Karma. :)

Knuckles930 said...

I usually manage to keep most of the
people I don't wane know away. Being
yourself and not going with the
mainstream works very well.

Makes life a lot nicer and you don't
feel obligated to keep updated on
whats "current".

But I guess that most people here
generally go there own way anyway.

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