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Sunday, August 2, 2009

iPhone game Itemania trailer, cute looking game from my friends

iPhone game Itemania trailer, cute looking game from a few friends of mine.

A few guys that I know just launched this little game for iphone and ipod touch called "Itemania."
It's a really simple game, cute looking and pretty music. Check it out! :)
Hidden item games are becoming popular earlier 2009 when someone finally got up the energy to draw up a bunch of artwork for it, and there have been quite a few of them over the past number of months.

In itemania, The goal of the game is like any other hidden object game, but finding the objects is slightly different. Some of the levels in the game can be quite challenging. It is not always easy to find the items on the list. Like most hidden object games, there are a few give me items that are really easy to find and a few items that take more time to find.

Itemania's 2D levels are pretty standard fare, but the real gems are in the 3D levels. It also give you the same ability, but of course also let you rotate the scene around a fixed X axis point (left and right), and to a limited degree, you can slide up and down to see the whole scene from every relevant perspective. Putting the whole hidden item genre into a 3D perspective really changes it up more than you might expect.
So it fun! It's for all ages! And it looks great.

Check them out at Anicombo.com
Itemania Trailer #1

Itemania Trailer #2

BTW: Some art update from me are coming soon! Just got back from a vacation in San Francisco. :)


AVI said...

looks cool! :) My friend and I have been working on an iphone game too, its fun to see what everyones doing with their skills.

property said...

When I was a child,I always playing games with my father,and we even conpeted with each other,and I think it is a sweety memory.You know,I am almost addicted to the game that you show to us ,it is really a lovely and intersting game suitable for youth.

Karla said...

I think it's great, specially the art, congratulations to your friends!

XIA said...

AVI> Yeah, I know...very excited for them.

property> Totally agree, simplicity is best for game. Some games get overly complicated...doesn't really suit my taste if it has steep learning curve. Who has time for that kind of stuff. Simple, cool, and fun is the best!

Karla> Thanks Karla, they are good artists. :)

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