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Friday, November 12, 2010

More walking dead ZOMBIEs yeah!

More walking dead ZOMBIEs yeah!
Well, nothing too exciting to post except for these new sequential panels of brain and flesh eating bastards, them zombies. I know I make a few attempt to do my own comics but never finish one yet. So now I just try not to come up with my own original idea totally. I will just work off from existing idea and make short comics from them, hopefully I can finish 30-40 pages story. I really need to finish at least one short comics in my art career, right. ;)
Anyway, I got really inspired after watching "28 days later" for the 22nd time, but who wouldn't. Then I start reading the book called "Biohazard" by Tim Curran, very cool apocalyptic setting with variety of zombies like creatures. And now I am about to start reading thriller suspense novel called "The blonde" by Duane Swierczynski. It gets really good review. Hopefully all the cool stuff will rub off on my idea.
Anyway, these are just the first sequential set, more to come. And 30-40 pages should be a high probability that I would most likely finish it. Wish me luck if you like to see Zombies short story from me. ;)
Here are some Zombie art, hope it makes sense. Words and captions will come way way way later when I finish the the whole nine art!
zombies comics online
zombies comics online
See bigger image here: zombie comics online

Happy weekend guys!

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Luca said...

This whole 'zombie-ifested-city' is something I'm liking Xia! haha, you really haven't finished one whole comic story, and you have so many GREAT stories and artwork (of course)! You have my support (as always) brother if you need it ;)

Cheers and well done!

Luca said...

ps- brother just to grab your attention for a spelling mistake you have on the last line you wrote:
""Wish me like if you like to see Zombies short story from me.""

I think you wanted to write "luck" not "like".

no need to publish this comment. I know its hard to write since you're Chinese- same for me sometimes, being Maltese! ;)

Peter said...

Damn, all your drawings are simply amazing!

Chris Reeve said...

From the panels I can imagine exactly how this would look on film - shaky camera with fast zooms and quick cuts. Does it even need words?

รับแปลเอกสาร said...

cool, :)

idrawgirls said...

@Luca Thanks brother, always watching out for me, appreciated that. I determine to finish this one :)

@Peter Thanks man! Hopefully it will always get better. ;) Cheers!

@Chris LOL true true, we will see how long can I pull it off with the panel without words. Hopefully if it is done well enough, there might not be place for texts. ;)

@TranslateDocuments thanks

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the zombie comic.

I wish I could do what you can do.

Grr... must practice more.

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