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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drawing Manga, action pose kick tutorial video and step by step

How to draw Manga kick pose. Draw Manga action pose kick tutorial video and step by step. Here is another tutorial of how to draw Manga. This time we will draw a basic kicking action. We will start with a rough gesture sketch then refine it into a finish Manga drawing.

Here is a final Manga drawing a character kicking pose:

Below is a video tutorial of How to draw Manga, action pose "Kick"

The video should be able to make you understand how I draw from start to finish. As I said we should start with basic gesture lines to get all the movement and rough action sketch. I suggest that in the initial state you should draw very light. When you draw light, it will be easier to erase and modify. Action pose can sometimes be very difficult to draw, so it might take a few edition to get it the way the artist intended.

Below are step by step images of Manga drawing Kicking pose. These should help supplement the drawing video tutorial above.

Here is again the drawing of a final Manga character kicking.
draw manga action pose kick

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