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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Digital painting video tutorial and step by step

Dragon Age 2 Digital painting tutorial and step by step images. This is another painting study from cinematic screenshots from Dragon Age 2. I wan stunned by how great and realistic the lighting in the cinematic is. One of the best cinematic I've seen nowadays. It is the bright day light in Dragon Age 2 cinematic that attract me the most. I have not painted in that kind of setting much. I will often choose the darker mood like at dawn or dusk because it is easier for me to create the lighting in that setting. So I particularly pick Dragon Age 2 cinematic to practice with so that I would learn more painting in bright light setting.

Lighting (value) is by far one of the most difficult subject for any artists, no matter how long you've been painting. And it is one of the most important or the most important element in painting because without light, there will be nothing to paint.

I have to admit that it is very fun doing a lot of study, I don't really have to think much. I just observe, learn and analyze. Practice with repetition is a very strange thing, there is no word that can describe how you can learn with just doing it over and over. Memorization and repetition have been, for many years, considered very poor learning techniques, yet the old truth and value with rote learning is now coming back with increased recognition that learning by repetition. It is an essential part of good study practice. There is no way to take advantage of "repetition" without repeating. The multiplication tables, touch typing, piano playing, Kung Fu and many other subjects have long depended on repetition. Now it is become clear that there are important roles for repetition to play in the learning of ANY subject. Painting is also one of these things, you can not paint by just understanding it without practice. I have never seen one good painter who did not practice by repetition.

Past research shows that repetition results in increased learning. However, it is not clear whether repetition adds more information to memory, or allows the learner to use a more sophisticated method of encoding.

Anyway, trying to figure that out is beyond me, I am just an artist.
Here is a final image of Qunari Arishok from Dragon Age 2
digital painting Dragon Age 2 Qunari

Below is the video tutorial, Dragon Age 2 Digital painting process.

And below are step by step images of Qunari Arishok from Dragon Age 2
digital painting tutorial Dragon Age 2 Qunari

how to digital painting Dragon Age 2

Here is a final image Dragon Age 2 Qunari Arishok
digital painting Dragon Age 2 Qunari
To download bigger image go to Dragon Age 2 Qunari Arishok

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