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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yesügei Character concept work in process

Yesügei Character concept work in process. This one is a character concept design of a Mongol warrior inspire by the story of Temujin or Genghis Khan. I have been reading a lot of novel series of Temujin along with The song of Ice and Fire. So it's time to sketch out or paint something I am inspired by.  Plus I have always been fascinating with the story of Temujin and his conquest.  There are many resources you can be influence or inspired by like novel, music and other concept art. I find novels to be more open to my imagination than most because you are just interpreting words and descriptions very similar to conceptual art descriptions we, concept artists, often receive from writers. Music can also be the same way but there is no actual description, just your interpretation.

Anyway, who is Yesugei? Yesügei the Mongol warrior Khan was chief of the Blue Wolf clan and the father of Temüjin (Genghis Khan). Yesügei's wife was Hoelun (Temujin's mother), a daughter of the Olkhunut forest tribe. Hoelun had been abducted by Yesügei and his brothers from her newly wed husband of the Merkit tribe as she and her husband were traveling back to the Merkit camp. Life is very tough back then. If you want something, you take it. Great story though I thought.
Anyway, in 1167, Yesügei Baghatur, chief of the Blue Wolf tribe of northeastern Mongolia, was returning from a battle against his neighbors, a Tartar tribe.  Because thirty years earlier, the Tartars had betrayed to the Chinese the chief of a tribe allied by blood to the Blue Wolf. 
So, by way of revenge, Yesügei had taken a life of Tartar chief, also named Temüjin. According to custom, he will name his next son Temüjin, to give him the valor and courage of the chief.
On his return home, Yesügei found that his wife borne him a son. He is Temujin.
Then Temüjin grew up to become Genghis Khan.
In addition to the Mongol concept art, I actually painted some Tartar warriors along with digital painting video tutorial here; Digital painting character design the Tartars.  And warriors on horseback quick sketches with step by step painting process.

Here is my character concept art of Yesugei. (Work in process)
Yesugei character concept work in process

I will post the Yesugei character painting update along with step by step painting process from the rough sketch to the finish concept art on the up coming post.  

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