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Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 minutes pose figure drawing from life session.

10 minutes pose figure drawing from life session. Here are some more figure study from life drawing session, all the sketches are drawn from 10 minutes pose from life model in the figure drawing open session.

I believe drawing from life is by far the best exercise for artist who really want to be knowledgeable on character design or figure drawing and painting in general.  Because you can see your subject in real life and see how muscle flexes, stretches and contracts in real life.  And people move all the time so you will have to be fast and most accurate as you can get at the same time.  You will see your improvement in drawing real fast if you really focusing on  life drawing practice and study.

Below are 10 minutes poses figure drawings

I hope you enjoy the post.  I might possibly select a few of them and play around with painting a bit more.
Cheers guys!

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