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Friday, July 22, 2011

Figure painting from life drawing sketches

Painting over figure drawings.  Figure painting from life drawing sketches. These two are another painted over my life drawing sketches. The sketches are ten minutes poses from the session and the painted over takes about couple hours each. When I draw at the session, I was trying to capture simple light and shadow within the limited amount of time. It is difficult to get it accurately but in the way it has advantages. Because you have the time limited that you are able to draw, you will have to force yourself to think quick and make it as simple as possible. So I think you get right into the essence of just light and shadow. It makes the sketch a lot less complicate and simplicity is for the most part great for painting. You get right down to just shape and value right away.

Also find step by step of similar study in Speed painting figure study back and for in dept tutorial with anatomy detail and female's figure drawing proportion sheet go to female figure study woman body.   You can pick more tutorials from thumbnail images up on the top of the blog or look on the right column of the blog for more basic drawing tutorials.

Here is one of the figure painting

Below are the original ten minutes sketches from life drawing session.
painting asian woman portrait

painting asian woman portrait

And below are the painted over version of the two figure study.
painting asian woman portrait

painting asian woman portrait

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