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How to draw girl figure with dragon: Quick Video painting tutorial using Photoshop

Quick Video painting tutorial: How to draw girl figure using Photoshop.
I also include partially creature in there for the hell of it.

I am trying something new this time kind of, but first off, apologize for the choppiness of this tutorial. Soon I will try to make a full length tutorial when I can finally get the proper equipment. But it's better than nothing right.

On this tutorial, *notice that it is NOT in a real time working, I fast forward it a lot.* I start off the image using the existing gray scale thumbnail that I have. I play around with color so I could find the color scheme that I want using overlay layer on top in Photoshop. After I get the color arrangement, I then try to bring out the form and fix the proportion of the figure along the way. Then I will clean up the color and almost flatten the color out to simplify and find the big shape. Next I start to paint more detail from the focal point thru the rest of the painting. Defining form, correct the lighting, and finding balance between warm and cool.
Somewhere somehow, Along the way, I think I did the figure too dark and too green so I repainted it with higher value and warm it up with red a bit. The I work on the skin texture of the monster to match its detail and value with the figure. Again, I clean up and tighten up the image, what I mean by that is assigning soft edge and hard edge and finding overall edge balance. Finally, I add more color which I thought it might bring more flavor to the image, but not well. Honestly, I think this one is some what a good exercise even though it didn't turn out like how I really wanted, but time's up so I have to put the brush down and move on.
Because if I keep messing around with it then it will take forever, so I might just take a break and give my eyes some rest so that when I come back and look at it again with fresh eyes, I will have a better idea of what did I miss.

Anyway, here I have the link to one of my most recent favorite artist at the time. His painting offer more than just a mere relistic/impressionist painting. Very inspiring, exciting and stunning.
-Alex Kanevesky (check it out, he's brilliant!)

It's all for the good fun, we all learn something. Well, hope this tutorial help you in some way. Thanks for stopping by,
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bog_art said…
Thanks for the tutorial!!.. it is really good.. great job here..