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Anime Concept painting: Great Mazinger.

Here is "Girl of The day!" With the Retro Robot: "Great Mazinger". I remember when I was four or five I watch the rerun of this Japanese anime serie. I was blow away, he can shoot out his fists and fighting evil dinosaurs.
Lately I have been looking at old stuff to get inspire, 1970s was probably the best era to look at all the cool brilliant ideas, like Gatcha Man, Getter Robo, Karmen Raider and more. These were probably made before my days, but I have watch the rerun when I was growing up and those image probably inspire me as who I am. I remember trying to draw those robot and make up story as I go when I was a kid. Those are the good old days.

Here is a Mecha sketch final image:

How to draw Mecha Robot video tutorial:

More Mech: Tutorials:
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Basic Mech Drawing:
-Basic Mecha Drawing #2
-Basic Mecha Drawing #1

It seems difficult to find something fresh and new these days as if everything has been done. I am always out to look for things that will inspire me and motivate me to do more art...better art or at least try.

Guild Wars: Eyes of the North launch at midnight last night, I was there working it, partying and waiting for the launching moment. Good time guys...until Guild Wars II. Thanks for all the people that support us and you!

What's NEW to the site today? if you notice on the right side of the blog, below the table of contents, I have added "LIVE FEED" from "SketchWich". They always update and they are a bunch of friendly artist friends from ArenaNet. So you won't miss any good art and stuff! They are funny or try, and great artists. Enjoy!