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A Girl painting and Cyclop monster.

Another quickie for today, this one I pick some random stuff in my scribblely sketch book. Then just quickly painted over just for fun. The girl on the shoulder, I added later on to spice it up. I love using the rule of contrast. Huge and tiny, strong and vulnerable and such it make the image a bit more interesting to me when there's such contrast. It could also giving you something to think about of why? and such.
This one is pretty quick (probably an hour and half), but it turn out like how I want it to be pretty much. Except I could work on the girl face a bit more, but time's up.

As you can see, my sketch is very scribble that's why I called it scribble. It really it, it even sometimes carry on to my painting. I did it the way it is just to put an idea down as fast as I can. Once in a while I would go in and refine my sketch just for practicing purpose. But then when I tighten it up, it tend to loose energy and randomness of line. But it is give and take, you gain some, you loose some.
Have a great day guys!!!

I also has some Guild Wars review! Yeay!!! (Yes, again. I have to promote my game and my team!)


Guild Wars: Eye of the North has, to date, been an extraordinary experience. The enjoyable elements that Guild Wars is known for -- high-end PvP, collecting lots of fun stuff, a beautiful world to explore -- are still here, married with remarkably compelling PvE content that marks a new and decidedly welcome direction for the franchise.”

Game gives it 9.0!!!
Loyal fans of the original Prophecies campaign longed for a true expansion to cap off the story and give their high level characters a greater challenge. GWEN delivers that challenge in a package dedicated almost entirely to the roleplaying campaign.