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Concept Art A Girl with BIG Hammer

Concept Art process. A Girl with BIG Hammer
I know, it 's been a while since I did anything decent. This one isn't bad. It was really quick, I just has the image in my head then I just begin to wing it from scratch...straight in one sitting about an hour or so. *Usually whenever I do that it turn out better than getting up, taking a short break, or chitchat* Anyway, I might have a tutorial for this one later.

It is somehow has most of my personality to this image. Spontaneous, loose and fun brush goes wherever it wants yet, it is exactly where it supposed to be. It's not trying to be a good illustration, it is just simply trying to be itself. And that how I really wish every single time I can consistently pull if off like this one or better yet the 'KEEPER".

A guy who work with me used to work for "WarHammer" said she could be "Sister Sigmar" stripping down though they are not in anyway related.

girl with hammerc

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