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Guild Wars: Girls Fan Art

Since we are done with Guild Wars and now we are moving on to the new generation (GW 2), I thought I might revisit and do something fun with some of the old character that I designed. Sometimes, it's useful and refreshing looking at older work and rethink and evaluate yourself as an artist. Can I call it "Fan Art"?

The guys over here at ArenaNet are trying very hard to find the newest MMO technology for GW2. As for the Art team, we are very excited about the project as if it was a brand new project. We are trying to reinvent everything, but we want to still feel that wow, this is THE GuildWar IP. Daniel Dociu (The Man, Art director) and the concept team come up with lots and lots of very visually stunning. I can't wait to see what they would look like on screen. I love the team over here at ArenaNet, they are over the top. Anyway, is art!

Another quick Scribble:

Also like I said there is one more great tutorial from "Mattias Snygg" I found. They are top knot!!! I put it on my links on the right hand side. Thanks for stopping by and have fun!

And if I could find some time this week, I could do another "how to draw girl" tutorial gain.