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How to concept: Some Thumbs and proughSketches.

Hey guys!
Today I scanned in some thumb sketches. This are one of the a few way usually do as the very first process before I start doing some detail sketch or painting. I start them quick and little so it can catch up with what I am thinking at time. Get down the initial idea, then flesh them out later in detail. At this state, I usually just try to get the overall shape to convey its personality if it is character or creatures.
The one below is a design of the creature called "Ox Head" to use in one of my personal project. It is, according to Chinese folklore, a messenger from hell and usually come upon to earth to take the soul of those whose time has come. Scarely, huh. It's an equivalent to "Anubis" of Ancient Egypt, and it looks kind of similar in description except their heads. One is an Ox , other is a Jackle.These thumbs I did a while back when I was on a plane, just to practice doodle and to kill time.
I am thinking a BIG oasis with overgrown plants in the middle of the Arabian dessert. It could be the hidden Babylon inside, who knows.

Have a great day guys,