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Drawing woman female girl Video tutorial step by step practice

Daily Drawing: How to draw woman body female girl Video tutorial step by step.
Learn how to draw girl woman or female facial (I try to make them as cute, pretty, and beautiful as I can) figure front view Video tutorial. Cartoon, illustration, comics, drawing realistic face online lesson.

This one is just another daily doodle or scribble practice. It took me about 20 minutes. I didn't really get it to the point that I would like it to finish, but the time is running out and I have to go to work. :)

Here is a final sketch:

This post is very old please go to revision:  How to draw woman body
Enjoy the Video process: How to draw woman basic

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More Basic Stuff
-Basic woman body construction tutorial and model-sheet
-Drawing woman body or female figure (top): Torso
-Drawing woman body or female figure (bottom): Pelvis, hip

Have fun!!!
Comment and feedback are always welcome!!!


Anonymous said…
stunning picture. i use your site for pencil sketching as opposed to photoshop, and it stil works perfectly. thank u
Mike Ross said…
Very nice picture, well done. Question, do you use a graphical tablet or the mouse for sketching?


Greets, Mike
idrawgirls said…
Mike> Thanks man, I usually sketch with pencil and pen. Thanks for stopping by. Mouse will not do anyone any good if you want to practice and do real professional work. With the right tool, your work will excel and with practice, you will get further and better. See you soon! Peace!
Mike Ross said…
Hey xia,

thanks for the answer, yep, mouse is no good, just curious. I tried that but no good. I normally use a pencil or anything similar as well.

See you around...
idrawgirls said…
Mike> Also..if you draw with mouse for a long period of time, it might cause you a permanent injury on your fingers, wrist, and tendons. So...don't do it too much unless you must. It could possibly do the job with ten times longer than it should. One of my senior colleges was using mouse professionally since the days before tablet existence, he just went thru the surgery.
Good luck! See you.
Mike Ross said…

no, no I don`t use the mouse, it`s too inaccorate anyway. Just wanted to know if people around here use it a lot. I believe that this truly starts to hurt if you sketch a lot with the mouse. Good luck to you, too.

Tanya said…
Wow, you're fantastic! I love the way you draw, it's always so beautiful...