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How to draw arm torso and shoulder together: answer question from a viewer.

Problem with drawing arm and body.  How to draw torso, shoulder and arm together. Here is a BASIC video tutorial of how to draw a torso men.
I have one of the question from the viewer so here I am doing my best to answer the question by video tutorial.
How can I make the arm feel like it's really the part of the body?

Question from an audience:

"Hi, thanks for posting the basic poses on your blog. Since you've drawn the pelvis as a circle, I can connect the legs easily. Now, only problem left is connecting the arm to the torso. Every time I tried, the arm felt alien & disconnected from the body. How can I make the arm feel like it's really the part of the body?"

Here is an illustrated of commonly mistake people do:
how to draw, arm, comics,anime, manga, shoulder, torso, tutorial, girl.

Here is the video tutorial explain how to draw arm together with torso.

If you are interested in studying more anatomy and such. I highly recommended the George Bridgeman book (you can find it on the right side of my post). It is one of the best anatomy for artist illustrate of all time for me. And it was recommended to me from my art director and my mentor. I think if you are serious about being an artist, you definitely should have one...anime or no-anime alike. It's a life saver.

If any of you have any question, feel free to ask and I will do the best of my knowledge to answer your question.

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Have fun


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the tips. Think you can do the same this time with 3/4 view of arm+shoulder+torso?

Meanwhile, about those basic poses, where you combine box & sphere to make a torso, did you learn it from this webpage?:

Thanksa buncha!
idrawgirls said…
Your request is up on the blog:

Anonymous said…
I have reciently found your site. I must say, it is really cool. I want to do a drawing of a jedi with his/ her lightsaber ignited but I am not sure how to do the lighting effects. With all the cool fantasy and sci-fi drawing on your site, I thought you may have a jedi, but I haven't been able to find one. Can you do a jedi with lightsaber tutorial? It would really help me out. Thanks Jason Sunday
idrawgirls said…
Jason Sunday> Thank man! I try...I am also updating new tutorial and cool tips everyday.
Um...yeah, you are right, we have no Jedi here. I can probably do that in a couple of weeks. See ya soon!
It will be here. :)
Anonymous said…
Some other types of literature I'd recommend from Artists specifically aimed toward understanding Anatomy for the Artist...

Giovanni Civardi and Joseph Sheppard.

I have studied extensively from these two Artists. Joseph Sheppard particularly who in turn has spent his life studying from the "Old Masters".

- Kevin.
idrawgirls said…
Kevin> Thanks man! I would say George Bridgeman, John Singer Sargent, and Ander Zorn also. I love them. :)
Anonymous said…
I will definitive look into those particular Artists.

I've heard good things from John Singer Sargent, Though I've never looked into him specifically.

- Kevin.
Anonymous said…
Sorry if my question is so stupid.
Im trying to draw front position of a game character: sage harpuia
but i'm really confused with His body, it has two head height, but when i draw, the head seem too big, while the body is so small???by the way,he has some curve from female,.That's my biggest problem,i hope you can give me some advice. "vn" if you recieve error message.
thanks a lot.
idrawgirls said…
Yes, your question is basic and almost out of context.
Well, the character you choose to draw is highly stylize. Anime has it own proportion compare to classical anatomy. This guy is about six and half of his own heads in hight (not including the wing helmet). His body is two head hight, his legs are about three and half head height.
Try draw just the head and body without the wings on the helmet first, then add the wings later once you are done with whole body proportion.
Watch more of my videos and LISTEN what I to what I says, then you can draw almost everything if you understand the context.
good luck