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Photoshop: making color palette to use in digital illustration and painting

This video tutorial show you how to make custom color palette for digital painting in Photoshop to increase workflow and keyboard shortcuts for artist, drawing, and painting.
If you are using photoshop for digital illustration, manga, anime and comics then watch the tutorial.

Here are some questions from viewers:
(Again, I will try to response all the questions I recieved. I apologize if I cannot answer to them all at once, but I will make sure to get to all of them little at the time and will try my best to cover all aspect.) :)

Q: I've been wondering is where do you get inspiration for your poses? I've been having trouble recently creating any interesting pictures because I cannot move from just the flat head-on picture
Q:I am getting better, but I am bad at making life like poses. They're all stiff.

A: As for poses you can practice drawing many many times from life model (street, train, coffeeshop, or college or private art local life-drawing session) have to be quick and do a lot. Don't be discorage drawing from life, it takes time to perfect. Just keep up the drawing and you have to enjoy the process and learn from it. Or from reference pic. Process is the key once you nail it down the result will follow.

Q: And how do you make such straight lines?

A: use your should or elbow as a pivot point when you draw, not your wrist. Practice using big arch of your body to draw line, straight, curve. Also be decisive and stable when execute. Practice make perfect!

Q: So would it be possible to include an art gallery of static images of your work?

A: Yes, I could do some. Though most of the quick sketch I do for 5 mins tutorial are not as pleasing for me to look at. :P I will post them as long as they live up to my standard but I will post them more.

Q: Oh and one other thing, would you mind posting some of your artwork in a JPG format of some bigger size?

A: Sure I did it on the Cloverfield Monster and I will do more of that. Thanks :)

I was wondering, in your Photoshop tutorials you have this palette thing; what is that?
I could really use it. Is it a download or what?

Q: I was also wondering how you made your little palette that I see you use in all the tutorials?

Q: I also noticed you often have a color palette at the edge of the screen and wondered if you could talk a little bit about how you go about setting that up.

A: This video tutorial will show you guys how to make Palette. It is just a layer in Photoshop that I made up for my own reference.

Here is the Video Color Palette Tutorial:

Here is a Color Palette for download and you can tweak them as you like and make them however you like. (Use them as a layer in PS while you paint)
(Click to enlarge and right click to save)

Xia'a Palette 2010
xia's color palette


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much, sir. Your tutorials have catapulted me forward in using my tablet and software. You have taken excellence, experience, and talent and distilled it into the shortest way to get from zero to functional. As an artist, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
This method of creating a palette, and a library of palettes of course, is a great timesaver to a working professional. As with all of your tutorials, you've generously and humbly presented your viewer with demonstrations of mastery. Thank you once again.

idrawgirls said…
Cate> Thanks for your kind words. I am glad these tutorials are helpful to other artists. Feel free to browse thru all the post...there are tons of accumulated information I came across over years of working and learning from many good artists. Cheers!