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Draw and paint woman face

Draw and paint woman face fast video demo.  Learn how to draw face girl woman or female facial figure front view Video tutorial.
アレッサンドラアンブロジオ:デッサン&絵画です。 女性の顔を描く方法を学ぶの少女や女性の顔面図正面図ビデオチュートリアルです。
A drawing and painting of Alessandra Ambrosio. This is a fast forward version: for a more detail video, you can browse for more tutorial either on thumbnails above or menu on the right side.
Learn how to draw for comics, realistic, Cartoon, games, concept, illustration, anime, manga learn how step by step from drawing realistic face online lesson. Music by DJ Dara-Klute: Glue Sniffer (Promo)

Below are step by step image with drawing instruction.
As instructed on the screen, 1) Start with circle then extent down into an egg shape (taper down).  2) Draw horizontal line across to cut the top circle part in half.  3) Then another horizontal line below it.  The gap should be about the height of of an eye or eye socket.
draw and paint woman face

4) Then draw a vertical line to split the frontal of the face in half.  5) Add hair, neck, and eyes onto the frontal facial construction.  6) The bottom of the nose should be half way between the eyes' line and the tip of her chin.  7) Mouth line is half way between the bottom of the nose and the tip of the chin.

draw and paint woman face 2

8) Notice the area of where the shadow cast.  It will be under the eyebrows (inside eye sockets' ceiling), under the nose, and upper lip.  9) Emphasis the eyelashes and eyebrows to accentuate the femininity.  

Here is a final color sketch: (Click to enlarge)

Here is a Video tutorial (FAST): How to draw a woman portrait feature, Alessandra Ambrosio.
Video Process:

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Thanks for all overwhelming e-mails guys!!! Due to the high volume of e-mails and questions, I apologized that I cannot usually reply to you within a day or two. I will try my best to answer them all personally and get all the questions answer either by Videos or Post.


lajeeb said…
great site - youre an amazing artist
Anonymous said…
First off I would like to thank you for all the effort and time you have put into this blog.

I have been following it for a good month or two now and it has been ever so helpful. I had only just started drawing people and this site is now like my drawing bible!

Not sure if the tutorial still exists, but the thumbnail called
witch 02
(6 down,8 across) links to this image instead of the picture in the link. Does that tutorial still exist?

Regardless, thanks again for your tremendous efforts!
soulmania said…
May I please to know what brush tips you used on this art?
idrawgirls said…
Anonymous> Thanks buddy! Sorry, I haven't seen your comment here until now. I think I know which one you talking about. The witch with blue hair and big evil eye headset? It is now fix...and it will route you to the direct location. My bad.

soulmania> I mostly use default round hard edge and soft edge in PS. Then the rest here and there...some custom brushes. But really, is it those fancy brushes thank make the picture? Drawing, values, and color is way more important than the brushes...the foundation is everything. Not necessary the tools. Anyway thanks for stopping by, and subscribe to the blog...keep watching and listening, you will know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said…
I love your work!

I'm not sure what happens after you finish with the outline.

I mean the shadows,

Do you make a new layer for the outline?

or you change opacity for it instead?

:) please help
idrawgirls said…
MS> Whao! slow down brother. :) Too many questions. Tips: Do not think in terms of lines when painting. Also, think in term of three things 1) Shapes 2) Values/Colors 3) Edges (Soft/Hard)
If you don't know these terms, I recommended watch all the videos on the site slowly one by one you will pick it up real quick. Thanks for posting. Peace!
Anonymous said…
Believe me, i've watched all of your videos, and i got really inspired.

I bought my graphic tablet about a few weeks ago and i've been experimenting, checking youtube for more tutorials.

I found yours to be most helpful.

But what confused me is, after your sketch you started on the shadows. From what i was taught i should create a new layer and set the sketch as an outline.

From what i can can tell, you used the same layer and changed opacity of the brush to make the shadows.. same for the actual painting.

then again i'm an amateur when it comes to digital painting =/

i need heavy tips :D
idrawgirls said…
If you want to result as shown here. Create another layer on top of the outlines, then paint over. Forget lines, think shapes, values, and edge.
I use low opacity (30-50)first to find values and move shapes/shadow around.
After I get what seems to be underpainting (close to corrected values) then I use only (70-100) and be precise of where you put your paint and strokes *1005 help keep your color clean and not muddy. At this point, I don't need any layers just paint right on it, except for back up.
Anonymous said…
Thank you :)

I understand now :D

I hope you do continue to post more videos, they're very entertaining!
Anonymous said…
you are an amazing artist. I have been greatly inspired by just watching your clips. i have only just started drawing and this has given me the motivation i needed to continue to practise. Thank you

ps.keep up the fantasic work :)
idrawgirls said…
Ano> Thank you! I am glad I could be the help. I will try to keep it up...we are all still learning and hoping for constant improvement. Since I start the blog I also benefit from getting better as I draw and paint more. :)
Kosek said…
Great job man. I'm really impressed.
idrawgirls said…
Kosek> Thx. :) Cheers!