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How to draw Dragon head

How to draw dragon head step by step and video tutorial.  This one is a front view of a dragon face drawing instruction easy to follow.  Drawing and sketching Dragon for concept art and design. Learn how to draw Dragon creature monster front view fantasy concept step by step video tutorial short and easy lesson.  Learn from professional concept artist Xia Taptara

Drawing and sketching variety of different dragon creature monster designs. Another Dragon concept design from idrawgirls. From basic sketching to finish drawing quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. The video demonstrates how to quickly create an efficient concept design from concept idea into visual. Dragon concept design and illustration. Below are step by Step concept design sketching and drawing dragon head online lesson.

Step one, I just draw basic construction of the head shape along with four horns.  If you notice the shape looks like a goat skull or a big buffalo as see in image 1.
Step 2, I start to add major detail part of the dragon's head such as eyes, nose, and some spikes or fangs.
Step 3, the face is almost complete most of the facial structures are there, except we need to draw and shade in some texture for its skin to show roughness and scales.
Step 4 I draw using smaller line to create texture on the dragon's skin.  It should look rough, thick, and bumpy with variety of scales.  We are done with the drawing, now we can get to the shading part.
how to draw dragon head

Step 5, I shade in some dark gray to make its skin into medium tone rather than leave it the same as the background.  Then in image 6, I already fill in the medium gray to the whole head, except the horn.  Notice the transition toward the tip of the horn are toward lighter shade.  Step 7, I sketch more detail on to the skin again.  And the final step, I add in some lighter value onto a few spot especially on the nose or snout.  Then some hot spot for highlight.  Now we are finish.  Watch the drawing video tutorial along with the images for better understanding of the drawing instruction.
how to draw dragon detail

Here is a drawing of dragon head dragon head drawing

Here is a dragon head Sketch:

Here is a video tutorial: How to draw Dragon

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