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How to draw ninja

How to draw ninja.  Learn to Draw and Sketch Manga ninja male character design for comics, manga, anime, and illustration sketch.
Step 1 I just rough out a really lose sketch to convey the body position and pose.  
Step 2 I drew over the light sketch lines.  Then I start to refine the appearance of the figure and ninja form.  
Step 3 I shade using medium gray onto the figure itself to separate it from the background.
Step 4 After all the foundation I set up, I make sure the proportion is correct.  Then I add more detail on to the character to finish up the drawing.
Learn from Step by step and video tutorial. Drawing and sketching step by step: male character design for manga, video game, and comics basic. The process shows from basic sketching to finish drawing quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. The video demonstrates and narrates how to quickly create an efficient concept design from concept idea into visual. How to put rough idea onto the paper sketch and create fantasy or sci-fi character concept art online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, and anime.

Here are step by step still images (process)
how to draw ninja

ninja drawing
Here is a final image of ninja drawing

Watch the video tutorial: How to draw Manga Ninja

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