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How to use Photoshop basic tool interface

How to use Photoshop basic tool interface walk through.
Here is a great tutorial from Knuckles930

Really great post and really useful for everyone!!! I decided that I should post this on the main page. Thanks Knuckles930

Ok so here is something for you to mess around with. Its still in
beta version but I hope to finish it soon enough.

What you see here is an interactive demo for the basic tools of
Photoshop, since there was ask for it. Enjoy.

click here for the full original post: Basic Photoshop tool and interface


Martin said…
A power user tipp:
Open in photoshop the info-palette. In there you can go to the palette options and activate the checkbox for the "actual tool".
If you have done this, the info palette will help you by telling you what the actual selected tool will do.
Best regards from Austria.

By the way: Nice tutorial!
Martin said…
Oh sorry: That's the "Quickinfo" checkbox.
The checkbox for "actual tool" just displays the name of the tool in the info-palette.
(I hope the english names are correct because I use the german version of Photoshop)
XIA said…
Martin>> Thanks, that one is a superb work done by one of our contributors Knuckles390.
Thanks also for more tips, I will put that somewhere into the post.