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E M Gist World of Warcraft oil painting video demo

E M Gist World of Warcraft oil painting video demo.

I just found this awesome oil painting demo vid from youtube so I thought I would share it with you guys. I don't really know what E M gist is, but it sure looks really cool. Painting in real medium is a lot harder than using digital medium, there is no going back and erase. You most likely have to start over if you mess up. So this is a real solid classic skill artist.

Painting World of Warcraft: E M Gist

Enjoy the video

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Luca said…
he's an amazing artist! I also agree with what you said that painting with real medium is a lot harder that digital, but I have to add that it's more satisfying - don't you agree? I love when I get contact with the medium rather then the classical pen (or whatever it's called).
Digital is also cool though!

Peace and thanks brother!
Luca said…
Thanks brother.... I just read it. Happy Holidays to all of you! God Bless you brother Xia! :P Believe me or not but one of the things I'm really happy I did this year is that I've met this wonderful community and an amazing artist like you! Keep your feedback with us as you've been doing - this thing makes you more and more awesome!

pokepetter said…
Good. You should keep linking to useful stuff you find on the Internet. Thanks.
vofff said…
Very impressive.
Jesús Alonso said…
You might want to know about his blog ( and website (

I've been following this artist for a while. He's incredibly amazing!
XIA said…
Thanks guys and Jusus Alonso good informative stuff and more I will try to blog about.