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Color palette for digital painting 2009 from idrawgirls

Color palette for digital painting 2009 from idrawgirls
The color palette file is just another element for my way of doing thing, it helps me speed up my work flow, instead of looking for color I want in HSB bar or scale (I can just pick the color I usually like, in other words, they are more useful to me.) Then for addition colors, values, and hues, I can adjust it accordingly on the HSB bar as I need.

Here is my 2009 color palette

As you can see I arrange warm and cool colors group on the opposite site of the palette as if I am laying palette in traditional oil painting. It's can be useful when you do it right. It helps reminding me of warm and cool in shadow and light:
Cool Light ---> Warm shadow
Warm Light --> Cool Shadow

Warm color side:
Warm colors often relate to life, living, but also could represent danger, blood, fire, etc in some case when given the right values. They are vivid in nature. They are bold and energetic. Warm colors are those that tend to advance in space; therefore, caution needs to be taken so you do not overwhelm your content with eye catching hues. If an element in your design needs to pop out, consider using warm colors to do that.

Cool Color side:

Cool colors are soothing in nature, it could also, in extreme case, be related to cold, dull, and unlively depending on the values we play around with. They give an impression of calm and rarely overpower the main content or message of a design. Cool colors tend to recede; therefore, if some element of your design needs to be in the background, give it cool tones. More info on warm vs cool colors

SkinTone and accent:
The color on the palette include, the color pigment of skin base its variation and accent color to help bring the base color to life.

Well I hope they are somewhat intuitive, have fun!

Also I found really cool brush set from paintey brushes
Just click the link then download from there. :)

PS: I haven't really done much art in the past week, other than Kapow page.

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Luca said…
thanks for the brushes man! and thanks for the Palette!

These days, I am drawing more on paper rather than digital... and I am studying more the anathomy. I want to get better in drawing bodies.
All the best... thanks again for the information too!

pietro said…
thanks dude !!!
st3ady said…
thanks for this! Its funny that I did a search for your old palette last night and downloaded it and used it, and now today you update with a new palette! haha
hope to see some new art soon ! :)
XIA said…
Luca> Yes, paper is my most favorite. So good! Keep on those anatomy study brother, great job

pietro> you re welcome!

st3ady> Lucky you. :) There are also like keyboard shortcut and cubes practice tutorial that comes with toys. Try out the new search box, you might find something interesting.

Thanks for the comment guys!