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Digital Painting Mecha Robot modify work in process

How to draw and paint Mecha concept art.  Digital Painting Mecha Robot modify work in process. I am trying to put the mech I paint a while back for full feature tutorial in to the scene and make it more presentable rather just a mech stand alone concept.

Hey folks, it's been a little while since I updated, been busy with painting, tutorials, and life stuff. Anyhow,...this post I am putting the figure in the environmental. It usually help bringing out more of its characteristic, and the world they suppose to be in.

Right now I am trying to find the way to get the water to look right. It's kind of tricky. Just a quick update. More are coming up. :)

You can go here and see step by step process on the previous post; Mecha Robot concept art update . It shows from the beginning until how I get here.

Also if you are interested in drawing and painting Mecha Robot, these video tutorials, Drawing Mech or Mecha Tutorial (this one show quick sketch and painting mecha, kinda cool. One of my better ones). And this video, Concept tutorial Drawing Giant Mech, also pretty similar to the first one in regard of painting process. Digital drawing tutorial Mech soldier is different experimental painting video that I use different approach, get different result than usual.
Also you can just look up on top and see if there is any thumbnail you like and click to see the video.

digital painting process mecha

Final: "Bot Cave"

digital painting process mecha

Drawing and paint mecha video sample:

Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
Face Constructed: How to draw faces
Face Constructed: How to paint portraits


Matt said…
Nice work!
What do u think i should draw to practice in photoshop? I just got the bamboo pen tablet and want to get good at drawing on the computer. I'm use to pencil and paper and have never used a tablet before.
Chris said…
I think you should just draw as you usually do to get used to it. I find the oddest thing about it is not really being able to turn the "paper" (tablet) around. Maybe practice big bold things aswell to get used to the line.

Also be sure to check out the brush options (in CS3 it's just a button on the right hand side of your work space) and fiddle with shape dynamics and stuff to find an option which feels most natural for you. I've found recently by going into brushes> other dynamics>opacity jitter and setting that to 0 and setting the drop down box to pen pressure, I get a better type of brush for ME where a light press yields a thin coating of "paint" and vice versa.

Also check out your actual pen preferences which should be in your program files somewhere - again set the options up there to whatever you feel most comfortable with. Enjoy!
Luca said…
Xia this is a great idea. I never thaught you would get again on this mecha- it was just perfect for me. but thes idea walking in the water makes it even better. From where do you get such cool ideas... experience??
Chris B said…
That Mecha rocks your skill is amazing keep it up.
The water looks good to.
XIA said…
Matt> Do both, then you will be fine like Chris suggest! :) Practice practice practice and observation skills. :)

Chris> thanks for having my back again brother! Great explanation!

Luca> I have no idea...sometime I look around the web and see something and get inspired and things just keep going around never stop. Thx brother

Chris B> Thank brother, WILL DO!
Been kinda slacking recently...but will be MORE!
_Angelos_J_ said…
wow that looks so realistic...
XIA said…
Angelos> Thanks...welcome to idrawgirls :) Stick around and you will find more tutorials and art stuff. Cheers!
Demonskunk said…
how did you create the brush you're using? I've been trying to get a brush to behave the way it does in Open Canvas (a flat brush that changes opacity, but not size) that looks solid when big - because the default brush that does that starts having wierd spacing issues when you increase the size, and it ends up just being a series of overlapping dots, instead of a line.

Thanks :3
XIA said…
Demonskunk> Right side of the blog--> there should be a few tutorial on making brushes in PS. If your files are way too big, even in PS it will create a gap, goto setting and make the spacing closer should fix it. But if it is unreasonably bigger than your computer can handle, that will slow it down and create dots...donno about open canvas (never use it).
tZee said…
Great work! Your tutorials are helping me a lot, thanks for the effort.

One question: I've seen this floating panel for color mixing in some of your videos. (In this one as well, the one you shove around at times. :D) What is it? I've never found that option in Photoshop.
XIA said…
tzee> Thanks, it's just a color palette that I put on a layer so that its easier for me to demo when I pick them and paint. You don't really need to do that. You can just have another file open on the side. Here is the palette