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Concept Art Character design male

Concept Art Character design male for my personal fun project update. He is a main hero in my little project but the look on his face says otherwise (Chis has the point on the previous posted comment). He has the look of anti-hero (sort of like a rebellious teenager), so it's not a typical good guy but he is indeed a good guy.

Anyway, I get some time to paint and flesh out on this character, including his Chibi form. The idea is there, but the final design I am not quite please with it totally. Originally, he did have a cape, but I just add it in for illustration impact purpose...cuz it frame the figure nicely. I would later put him in real pose other than static concept (which is what I do all the time :P).

There might be something add to his design later on as I can come up with some fresh idea. But for now here it is.

Here are some tutorial recommendation to watch if you like this character concept. Go watcht these video tutorials on male figure such like Drawing body muscle torso anatomy tutorial. And for arms for male figure watch Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep. These tutorial are basic enough to understand if you have some drawing experience which I assume if you are here then you do draw.
As for the head part or face, these will be useful for you artists. Here is a tutorial on basic structure of the face from line sketch to monochrome render, go watch Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, These two are also very useful, not as complex as the merchant face video, but get the point across, Character design sketch villain or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. Enjoy the tutorials, see you soon!

This is almost there but still lack of certain elements that I want.
how to draw manga anime hero
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The latest update...decided to change the glove to organic arm. Also make the character concept pose slightly more interesting. Still need to tweak minor stuff and put MOJO in the hands.
how to draw manga anime hero

Here is a Chibi form experiment: :)
As of now it looks a little too flat for my taste, but that was the original intention. Next time, I will try to approach it in a little more painterly and make it a more rendered.
how to draw manga anime hero

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet or Genius MousePen 6x8
-Gimp or Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Professional software)


Luca said…
Good color mood Xia. This one has a great design. I think you have a story for that mech arm right!? :)

Anyways, well done buddy!

PS - what happened to the "How to break into comics"? Yesterday night it was quite late and I said to myself that i'd check it out today, but it's removed.

XIA said…
Luca> Thanks bro, I try... The Mech arm is supposely a glove that shoot out enegy. Though I am still contemplating between the Mech glove and pistols. We'll see, I might end up with the pistol instead cuz people are more familiar with it rather than Energy Mech Glove.

As for the how to break into comics post. :) As I wrote it, it seems outdated and doesn't make much sense these days.
In my opinion (that's just me), comics industry is a dying industry same as newspaper and magazine so...time just invalidate the post information.
Thus, there are online comics...yes. Also online magazine and news paper. The problem is that even the big guys like New York Times still has not properly master the monetize model yet (not making money as much as when it was in the print form). Online comics? Even less so. So I don't think it's a good time to be a comics artists until the new monetizing model is invented are resolved.
I strongly encourage getting into games which is currently stable to be in. Time changes delivery medium changes.
Comics and Video games are similar in the way that it's a form of story telling and entertaining. Game is more involve. Well, we will see what new opportunities lies ahead of us. Something innovative is awaiting. :)
Luca said…
Xia, you're totally right brother. I agree with you, nowadays things are changing... I have an objective which is that of making art for some game industry just like you buddy... but if I want to get to that goal, I must keep on practicing and improving my skill which I hope you have seen my last post on the Community blog. And I'm updating my blog regularly. :) really lots of practice now, plus that I start school next week as I have just got out from hospital after 2 operations... My recovery is drawing all day, as long as I'm not biting my teeth with some pain! But when I get feedback and help from you and your friends (such as Kekai, Doug), I feel I can do it.

I have a good friend who works for the Rockstar Ent. who really encouraged me. he told me that his skill wasn't as good as mine when he had my age, but now he's a kickass. That motivates me a lot, cause with hard work my paintings will take me to my dreams, but I've got to keep pushing myself.

So, thanks again, and how are you doing at Wing Chun classes?
Chris said…
I really hope you don't mind me giving my opinion here...

There's nothing wrong with the mech arm as a design at all, but personally I don't think it fits with the overall design. Maybe that's the point, that it comes from a technology similar to a culture that is revealed at some point in your plot.

If not, then perhaps the design of it could be more free-flowing to blend in a bit better, such as: (this is the best pic I could find of the gauntlet... so frustrating) or

The gauntlet you've drawn reminded me of some of the twilight realm in zelda, it's got that same "light veins" look but more on a mystical rather than technological slant: (this beast thing epitomises the mystical quality I'm suggesting)

Maybe even just another metal plate element somewhere else on the body would balance it out.
XIA said…
Chris> ha ha, Thx,...again as if you have read my mind. ;) I was struggling with the left arm design whether I should have him have special power gloves that can be upgraded or should it be variety of pistols as secondary weapon.
Those are great ideas, thanks for the links, very inspiring. Now I decided that the arm should be organic...and it can take basic elemental forms (Fire, ice/water, rock/earth, metal, wood?) or mix and match with some sort of Kung Fu palms? depending on what art he practice. But yeah, basically the glove are out the window now...the design doesn't really fit at the time. :)
XIA said…
Luca> Keep looking around can actually start off trying out with trading card games...keep submitting your stuff. Look at their products, games or what they have and try to achieve the same level or better.

As for WingChun class, it's going great! :) My sifu is still young in his 40s and third generation of Yipman student. Somehow I am very comfortable with physical stuff like boxing, martial just came to me naturally since Jr-high...Many styles are different, but basic principle are the same (kinda like art). Once you have solid stance (groudned or balance and sink your "chi" or "ki"), know how to breath, and FOCUS- but not letting the mind setting still or wandering off...just keep it flow and be ready any moment.
Then all you have to do is learning their form...then you can mix and match what you know best suit you.
Like ART, Foundations are the most important element. Basic is the key to everything. :)
Luca said…
Xia> yeah buddy! I'm really glad you're doing great! As you said foundation is the most important... it's the root of the tree. In shaolin, we used to first and foremost have powerful legs, then we build our way up...cause a punch draws the energy from the ground first. Breathing exercises are awesome cause they will build your energy A LOT trust me!!! I started doing QiGong exercises about 2years ago now and I was able (before hospital!:) to break sticks on my abdomen, plus that I used to receive strkes on the whole torso area without feeling any pain. what I want to tell you that once you get control of your breathing you'll start doing great things, your punches won't be punches anymore but will be lightnings! :) It's normal that your mind might not concentrate when you're at a stance, that's because we're always on the go! I want to recommend you a great dvd that really helped me increase my chi. It's from a sholin master. his name is Shifu Yan Lei and the dvd is called "Shaolin Warrior - Way of Qi Gong Vol. 1" It's a great one:

Anyways, we're still talking about art in here :) Good luck brother, and have fun which is the most important thing!

Peace out!
Chris said…
That feels more suited already. It reminds me of the heroes cursed arm in princess mononoke or Nero's demon arm from DMC4:

By the way when I say an element reminds me of something it isn't in a negative sense, I just hope by giving those as examples it might help inspire. It certainly helps me at uni to get other peoples thoughts on something im making.

I like the elements idea, sorta like the forces of nature going after the mystic zodiacs. I don't know what you mean by kung-fu palms, unless you mean stuff like the tiger/dragon etc... how would you illustrate that?
Maybe the arm can suck up the element it touches and then use it for battle. Perhaps he has to hold it in a bandage or sling of some kind and he usually fights one armed, similar to Auron in FF10:
rukia said…
I like so much this blog. It's interesting, and I usually see your work. About this one, good job Xia, you really like chinese tematic :)

One week ago I bought a digital tablet, and it's very funny, but difficult!! I use the programme of painter X, it's easier than photoshop xD

That character model looks pretty bad ass. Good call on not having a cape, it seems cliche and outdated, if its not like a new adaption of the cape, like sliced in two or etc.
Thanks for the info on the tutorials, ill check them out soon!
pokepetter said…
I like the metal gauntlet version best i think. You should also color balance it a bit. Too much green I think.
XIA said…
Rukia> Thanks :) I am working on sorta Chinese Zodiac theme so I am trying to implement it with a bit of modern design. Have fun with Painter, it's a kick ass program...I am just addicting to PS. But they are just tools, the result is what matter! Cheers!

Mike> Thanks brother...ha ha...the cape on the first I was just thinking of having it frame the character, since I have no idea what to do with it on the really static pose, but eventually I did come up with something. New post are a bit better.

Pokepetter> The new post is already up...I am still working on it. Lots of artistic block these days, I am thinking too much of not trying to do what I did...but then can't really avoid it. :)