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How to draw Hulk

How to draw Hulk, learn from video and step by step. Learn how to draw the incredible Hulk quick sketch. How to draw comics #001 character superhero series begins.

Like I mention on the previous post, I'm doing a video of superhero drawing. So I'm starting of with how to draw comics charater 001, the incredible Hulk. What's not to like about the Hulk. I love the Hulk when I was a kid and remembering watching the re-run TV series.

For a bit more realistic tutorial on male anatomy and muscles, you can go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomy video demo, and also tutorial on rendering manly arm Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep. Both tutorials goes a bit beyond just basic, but they are the important foundation of male anatomy you need to know.

*This is not a finish illustration by any means, there are still things that I could go in and refine, re-adjust, and more. The purpose is a for a quick video demo and step by step tutorial so I did what I can within the time allowed. :)

Here is a final color sketch of the Hulk:

Here are step by step how to draw the HULK
How to draw the Hulk
Hulk Drawing

Watch the video tutorial: How to draw the Hulk

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Unknown said…
I just found your site while looking for drawing tutorial, obviously this site is packed of them. There is a lot of great stuff on here. Hopefully I can pick up some good tips to improve my drawing. Keep up the good work.

idrawgirls said…
Tali> Thanks for stopping by brother! Yes, you are in the right place. Feel free to look around, we have tons of videos here (over 300). :)
Chris Reeve said…
Luca Cauchi said…
This is going to be a good collection of heros Xia! Next one is the dark knight!

idrawgirls said…
Chris> Yes! Never a big fan of drawing Superheros, but I did have a BLAST! They are addictive! MORE to come!

Luca> Darknight? It will be a while...I think I did two Batboys on the blog,...will do better ones soon. As of next? Spidey! It's up!
mdh21 said…
XIA I have a question please :)
Ok, first you paint in a gray scale all shadows and similar, and then, when you add color, Do you use a now layer in mode "color" ?

Please answer
viagra online said…
This will be very useful for me, because I'm studding drawing, and the first I wanna learn is to draw figures of action, specially Green Lantern or Captain America.