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Zodiac Blades characters concept design update

Zodiac Blades characters concept design update.

This old design is a little more, settle and doesn't really tell much of what this is all about. It doesn't look like fun and it's very static. Most of all, it doesn't engage the viewer into the illustration as I want them to. I know some of you who like the lady, I will put her in some other illustration that I feel more appropriate for her part.

Also, I decide to change the overall theme from fantasy to more of a sci-fi and post apocalyptic steam punk. I've been concepting fantasy for ages so I want to freshen my idea up a bit more. It will make me think differently in term of design and such. More mechanical and clunky design rather than organic and ornate. I also want to design more creepy mutated creatures rather than typical fantasy monster in armors for the Zodiac project.
Since it is no longer fantasy, our hero dude's arm will no longer be magical elemental (fire, ice, and so on). He will man up and hold a big machine gun, pistol and sword instead. And yes, I will have to draw many cool guns from slick to gigantic clunkers. :)
Speaking of Mech here are some videos tutorial on the subject you can watch How to draw Mech War Machine, How to draw and paint Anime Mecha, and Concept art Tutorial drawing Giant Mech...beside robots here is some character Draw Metal Gear girl female assassin.
Zodiac Blades old title design
Download the bigger size image: Zodiac Blades Old

So down below is a new version of the title page or screen.
Now, I'm leaning toward the more action pack appearance as I try to engage the viewer more.
Apocalyptic steam punk Sci-Fi cross with a little touch of Far East influence design. Like I said, I'm trying to take myself away from fantasy genre for a while. There will be, hopefully, tons of guns and ammos...and many more greasy hi-tech steam punk manly stuff.
Back to the point that I am trying to make. This illustrates to viewer that he is out to destroy outrages mutated undead creatures. Where do these ugly creatures came from?
Long story... Once in every approximately 2,464 years, Luna Eclipse Zodiacs happen to realign themselves (I totally made that up). Then twelves asteroids will crash on earth...then we have twelve of them boss creatures from outta space. You get the idea. :)

Zodiac Blades old title design
*Still in process, will finish it up soon. And so does the boar mutated creature design I previously posted.*

For those of you who are awaiting for new video tutorial to come, I am running out of idea on what to draw. It's kinda hard to get something record within 20 mins and make them look good. But I just came up with some idea this morning. Possibly, I will just start drawing all the Marvel and DC superhero characters one by one... kind of like this video tutorial, How to draw Batman start with them ladies. Also possibly some Manga or Anime character like How to draw Naruto Anime Manga. And maybe some video game character like the Drawing and Sketching Mech StarCraft Marine video as shown below Been very busy these days, but will keep it up. It's been almost three years on this blog. I am not going anywhere.
In the mean time, watch this until I come up with new ones.
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Luca said…
Hey Brother!! this is a a KICKASS story..."LUCA Eclipse Zodiacs"~~I like it!

Man how in the hell you did that background (zodiac circle) on the back of the hero (in the first illustration)!?!It's so good. What I can suggest you for that poster to be more eye catching is to make another concept of those creatures raging for battle and balance them with some good environment. Then once you've got the illustration done, blend it instead of the female profile painting. It will give the audience the idea of a man fighting against those badass creatures on the back. Got what I mean?? (hope to have explained my idea well).

By the way, that belt I suggested you last time, really came out well... Man it may sound a bit funny/ weird, but your art is really improving brother!

Good luck with this project and thanks again ;)

XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother, but isn't that what I just said in the blog?
Luca said…
Xia> You're right-- my bad, yeah! Now that I read it again, yes! Well, this means that we had the same idea in mind :) Will be looking forward for it buddy.
kim said…
I did found you on youtube and thougt i drop a line here.

You are really really good at what you do
Chris said…

dahaca6022 said…
Xia's on fire!(that's where the fire elemental magic went)I am totally looking forward to this!!!
XIA said…
Chris> Now that IS an interesting idea,...mutated meat piles with clunky metal. :)

dahaca> Me too, Shoot them up!
Franco said…
Make a comic about it, pelase?!!!
XIA said…
Franco> Comics take too much work. But you should wait and see what this project is going to be. IT's a BIG secret. Kinda like comics I guess.