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Avatar the movie behind the scene making

Avatar, the movie, behind the scene making the virtual world of Pandora.

Just found these awesome series of Making of Avatar movie video on YouTube. Very inspiring and it should stimulate your imagination to make more art. Tons of cool concept, ideas, production and valuable information from the production ends. I though you guys are probably really like it so here they are. :)

part 1



part 4

part 5

Hope you like them, enjoy!


Mario Nunes said…
your work is awesome.
your tutorials had beem very helpfull too. if you have the time visit my new blog -
i would like to have your opinion.

keep the good work
Aaron said…
Thanks for the post Xia. I was blown away by Avatar. Can't wait for more speed drawings too!

This might seem random, but how do you pronounce Xia? I've been curious for a while.

Maybe you could say "This is Xia from" in the next video?

Thanks for all the inspiration.
XIA said…
Zy> Yeah...right?

Mario> Thanks, me too. It's really ground breaking experience.

Aaron> Thank brother, more will come for sure... did a few this week...none of them turn out good so I have to thrown them away. As for Xia--> it's more like "Z" sound Zee-ah. It's a short from Xiao --> Zee-awe:)
Luca said…
Xia> man this is MINDBLOWING!! it's a huge step in both art and film industry... i can't believe how this had a completely new way for making cgi. Masterpiece... thank you so much for sharing it :)

I'll be waiting for a painting of this film :P

All the best brother.
Cyril said…

Sorry to bother but I have a question.I recently bought two of the tutorials on your website:

Face constructed part 2 and Archetype design

And well I think I did not get all the videos when I downloaded.Because Face tutorial extracts 4 chapters of video files and then suddenly a chapter 8 video.

The archetype tutorial extracts only 4 chapters with just the first character being finished and at the end of chapter 4 you announce a chapter 5 but I did not recieve the file.

I am not sure if anyone else ha d prob like this but I wanted to let you know and hopefully you will answer me,

Ps.You really kick ass at drawing mate love your work,


Ciro Mihanovic
XIA said…
Ciro> Did you make sure that you download all the zip files on the page?

1) Download all the zip files on the pages
2) Extracted all the zip files
3) Then you will see all the chapters and added on materials.

let me know if there are still problem downloading the vids.